Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How to capture a cowboy at the airport

As I went down the escalator in the Airport in Billings, Montana, the first thing I saw was a tall drink of water.

I was so excited that next to the Hertz counter a cowboy stood looking up to where passengers came from the airplanes.  In loose fitting worn jeans, a blue long sleeve shirt, boots and stetson, he was book cover worthy.

As I stared, he pulled out his cell phone said something to whoever called and smiled.  Of course I grinned back like a lunatic, but he didn't see me.  He kept looking up to the top of the escalator.

Thankfully I was picking up a Hertz car, so I went to stand near him and tried to figure out how to get a picture without him noticing.  Queue the guy behind the counter.  "Need help taking a picture ma'am?"

I shoo'd him away.  "No. Go help another customer."

Hunky cowboy turned and glanced at us.  For some reason both the counter guy and I froze.  Me cause I was caught pointing my phone at him.  The counter guy because he was a dork.

Pretending sudden interest in my phone, I pressed the button to get a picture of him.  Unfortunately, I pushed the home button instead of the circle to take a picture so my phone went back to the "pick something" page.

"There's no one in line but you ma'am," the annoying counter guy said.  So I gave up and slid my credit card, driver's license and a panty liner across the counter.  Just kidding.  I grabbed the panty liner back and threw it back in my purse.

The cowboy waved and I whipped around to see who he was waiting for.  This time I was going to snap pictures.  Especially if it was going to be a beautiful girl.  I could capture every romantic moment and use it in a book.  It would be perfect.  It would be fantastic.  There I was in the middle of a contemporary western romance.  How exciting.

"Ma'am." The counter guy had something to say.  I pretended not to hear him and put my cell up to my ear while trying to select the camera option.

Holy George Strait.... No it wasn't King George, but the man coming down the stairs ( He was too cool to do the escalator) was a close look alike.  Gray wisps at the temples, rugged jawline, jeans and shirt.  Wait...he reminded me of someone.  He looked just like.... What?  The hunky cowboy only a bit older.

"Hey Dad."  Hunky Cowboy said walking forward to give older Hunky Cowboy a bear hug.  "Missed ya."

"Hey Boy."  They grinned at each other and turned to look at me. Okay so I was standing there staring and grinning, as if the Hunky Cowboy was going to introduce me or something.

I cleared by throat and hustled back to the counter to find counter guy was annoyed with me.  He held out the keys.  "You're in slot...blah, blah, blah."  I couldn't hear him.  I wanted him to shut up and let me go so I could chase down the cowboys.

"I didn't get a picture."  Not sure why I said that out loud.

"Excuse me?" Counter guy was pointing at some paper for me to sign.  I did.

I ran out to the parking lot, my luggage half off its wheels as I dragged it.  I looked up and down the parking lot.  How did the damn cowboys get away so fast?

No big deal, I got a picture of them when they hugged.  I reached the rental car, pulled out my phone and groaned.  "I must have moved a bit or something."

Damn....  So anyway, here's a picture of the Hertz counter.

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lorimeehan said...

I. Loved. This. Story.
Hildie you make me laugh.

Jessie Wheeler said...

I think that photo on the top of this page is Bonner Bolton, (I follow the PBR). I bet the counter guy had a good laugh thanks to a crazy lady :)

Pyper541 said...

Why didn't you just ask for a picture? Or take the counter guy up on his offer. Tell him he looks like a fried of yours mext time and you need a picture for proof! Next time lol!

suzieque said...

I would have been drooling too much to talk!!! You (and I say you because I would NEVER have the nerve to do it myself) should have walked up to him and told him you were a romance writer that specialized in cowboys and you wanted to take a picture to use for your next cover. Easy for me to say. LOL

No one and I mean NO ONE can (I don't even think King George and I absolutely LOVE King George) beat your friend, our cover model from Jaded. He still visits me in my dreams but please don't tell him or his significant other.

Brandi Shultz said...

So cute. Sorry the getting a pic didn't work out.

Jennifer Love said...

I also would have gone for the stealth photo (and I always push the wrong damn button, too). But since that didn’t work, I’m thinking you should just fess up- “I’m an author. I write about cowboys. Can I take your picture for inspiration?!” With a smile like yours everyone will say “why sure, pretty lady!”

Magick nana said...

How funny but I probably would have been right there with you. Love a cowboy, the real deal not the fake kind. They would have had to mop floor because I was drooling all over. Too bad you didn't get a picture.

Naoma said...

Great story!!!