Monday, November 16, 2020

Thanksgiving and Pumpkin Pie!

 It's almost that time. My favorite time of year, Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving with all the food, fun, fellowship, friends, and family. I love preparing the food, the festive colors and just all of it. When my every-day-hero and I lived in the United Arab Emirates we always hosted Thanksgiving Day. It was usually on a Friday because we had Friday and Saturday off and we rarely hosted any American's at our table. Just friends from around the world. 

Our Thanksgiving feasts always featured the most important items, turkey, sweet potato souffle, green bean casserole, and of course pumpkin pie. I'm a big pumpkin lover. Pumpkin Pie is one of my favorites desserts and a must have at Thanksgiving.  Here are some fun facts about Pumpkin and Pumpkin Pie in the Unites States. 

"Few of our festival foods can claim deeper American roots than pumpkins, which were first cultivated in Central America around 5,500 B.C. and were one of the earliest foods the first European explorers brought back from the New World. The orange gourds’ first mention in Europe dates to 1536, and within a few decades they were grown regularly in England, where they were called “pumpions,” after the French “pompon,” a reference to their rounded form." (The History of Pumpkin Pie A&E 2020)

So pumpkins are native to the Americas and aren't we glad they are?  It took some time before the big orange ball became pumpkin pie though, but it quickly became a staple in English pie making. When Europeans came to America later, they were already familiar with pumpkin being used in both sweet and savory pies. Later, however, as the colonies grew and new crops were more widely favored, pumpkin was not as popular and apple pie became a big hit. 

"  English writer Hannah Woolley’s 1670 “Gentlewoman’s Companion” advocated a pie filled with alternating layers of pumpkin and apple, spiced rosemary, sweet marjoram and handful of thyme. Sometimes a crust was unnecessary;" (The History of Pumpkin Pie A&E 2020)

Some of the early recipes for pumpkin were quiet interesting and sound rather tasty but they are a far cry from the pumpkin pie we are familiar with now. This happened a bit later as New England began the tradition of Thanksgiving. However, when there wasn't enough molasses the traditional pumpkin pie and soon a pie similar to the one we know and love today was created. 

"Amelia Simmons’ pioneering 1796 “American Cookery” contained a pair of pumpkin pie recipes, one of which similar to today’s custard version." (The History of Pumpkin Pie A&E 2020)

In 1929 Libby introduce its canned variety of pumpkin which quickly became a Thanksgiving fixture. 

In my book Marni's Measure, the hero enters a pumpkin growing contest with a huge pumpkin, reminiscent of Peter Pumpkin Eater. Yes, the humble pumpkin has come a long time and symbolizes much in our world. It was a symbol of abolitionism, patriotism, and the American way.  

And now pumpkin is big again. It's pumpkin spice and everything nice in this frosty season, so enjoy.

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