Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Welcome to Cowboy Kisses 2021 ~ Julie Lence

Greetings Cowboy Kisses readers!

Despite all the rules and social distancing Covid has brought to our lives, I hope everyone had a wonderful 2020 holiday season.  For me, the holidays weren’t much different than past holidays. It’s usually hubby, kiddo, and me since most of our family reside in New York, unless you count the real Christmas tree. We haven’t had a real tree in 30 years because I hate the mess from the needles, but hubby and kiddo wanted one so I gave in. (I really had little choice since Fed Ex delivered a tree stand from Amazon, lol.)  But now that the celebrations are behind us and the decorations are put away, I’m ready to dive back in to writing, and part of that includes Cowboy Kisses.

In 2020, Cowboy Kisses said goodbye to some authors and welcomed others. Currently, we have tremendous talent on this blog and I urge you to get to know our team better by checking out their author pages.   

In other news, if you haven’t already, I invite you to join our Facebook group. Membership there grows almost weekly, and everyone enjoys the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday prompts for all members to participate. Our Facebook link is:

We’re also on Twitter and you can catch our tweets here:

The Cowboy Kisses authors will continue with Excerpt Sunday, which is also located on our Facebook page. We will also host our annual round-up this fall. Last year we held the round up on our Facebook page and it was a success. Unlike the previous year, guests were able to comment without encountering Facebook issues, so we will again hold this year’s party on the group page. And last, but certainly the best, the Cowboy Kisses blog passed over 1,000,000 hits in 2020 since it’s conception. That is a thrilling milestone and one we certainly couldn’t have reached without you, our loyal readers. The Cowboy Kisses authors and myself Thank You for your support and your loyalty, and we look forward to sharing another year with you.



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Shanna Hatfield said...

Thanks for sharing all this info with us, Julie, and thank you for taking the helm of Cowboy Kisses. We so appreciate all you do!