Sharla Rae


I have published three historical romance novels. SONG OF THE WILLOW,” my first solo effort, was nominated by “Romantic Times Magazine” for best first historical. Life happens and I took a break to raise my children and edited scientific reports along the way. Now I’m back to what I really love, writing.

I’m currently deciding if I want to digital publish my new completed novel, HOW TO FELL A TIMBERMAN. It’s a humorous historical set in the Pacific Northwest. The AX Men on the History Channel have nothing on the 1880 Norwegian loggers in Whiskey Spit.

I am also updating my back list from Leisure books for e-books. That means I’m rewriting them so they resemble my current writing style and meet current market demands. It's like a blast from the past as they say but it's also a lot of hard work. Hard work, that I love and that makes all the difference in the world.

So what about me, personally? I was born and raised in corn land, the state of Iowa, I met my Chinese husband at ball room dance lessons and we're still dancing.

I’ve lived in Arizona and Texas for ten years each and currently reside in southern California. When I’m not writing and researching ways to bedevil my characters, I enjoy collecting authentically costumed dolls from all over the world, travel (to seek more dolls), and read tons of books. I dabble in photography, strictly armature and last but not least, I love cooking and eating ethnic foods, especially Asian cuisines. And if you taste one of my gourmet deserts, you'll beg to live at my house. I'm just sayin' . . .

And FYI, Lyn Horner was one of my crit partners in Texas. She and Cara Coplin are truly sisters of my heart. My current crit group in CA is dear to me as well. All sisters.

I’m a member of The Author’s Guild Inc, Romance Writers of America, OCCRWA, NTRWA DESERT ROSE RWA, RWA-WF, HHRW RWA,FF&P RWA, ROCKIE MOUNTAIN WRITERS and several other groups. You can read more of my blogs and those of my current crit group at .

My Novels
Pen name: Charlotte Simms (co-author, Jane Kidder); Publisher: Avon; Now available at

Pen name: Charlotte McPherren; Publisher: Leisure

Pen name: Charlotte McPherren; Publisher: Leisure

Pen name: Sharla Rae

Quote from RT: “Charlotte McPherren’s sense of humor and dynamic characters will charm their way into your heart.”
Quote from Rendezvous: “Ms. McPherren combines sparkling dialogue, vivid characterizations, and an excellent plot line to bring the reader some of the best entertainment around. This is one you won’t let go of when you finish that last page — the book itself will go firmly on your “keeper” shelf, and the characters will stay in your heart.”


Carra Copelin said...

Congratulations, Sharla, on joining Cowboy Kisses. I've followed Ginger's blog for a few months now and look forward to reading your posts!

Lyn Horner said...

Sharla, I'm so glad you joined our group. I've read all your published books. They're wonderful! Can't wait for How To Fell A Timberman!