Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meet Ellie Fountain-From Sparta, TN

Lester Flatt Memorial in Sparta, TN
Our special guest today is Miss Roselle Fountain, the heroine from author, Ginger Simpson’s western historical, Sparta Rose. Roselle was born and raised in Sparta, Tennessee on a ranch her father built from the ground up.  Fountainhead is her legacy, and she's pretty protective of it, but I'll let her tell you more.

Welcome Roselle. (Oh, and for the sake of clarity, our guest will be RF and the Interviewer will be INT.)

RF – *Fidgeting* Oh please call me Ellie. I’ve never much identified with such a flowery name. You probably can’t tell by the way I’m dressed today, but I’ve always been somewhat of a tomboy.

INT - *Laughing*. So I’ve heard. You look very nice in your flowered print—very much the lady.

 RF – That’s Pa’s doing. He insisted if I was going to make an appearance, I needed to dress more high-falutin’. I’d much rather be wearing britches and boots. *Tugs at the neckline of her dress*. These things are too danged uncomfortable at times.

INT – So, Ellie, tell the readers a little about Sparta Rose.

 RF – *Smiles* Well, I can’t give away too much. Ginger would skin me alive, but I’m sure she won’t mind me telling you that it’s got a little romance, a lot of western, and even more feistiness than her last historical romance. My problems begin when Pa hires Tyler Bishop as the ranch foreman. I kinda figured Pa always wanted a son, and Ty proves me right. Their relationship gets me pretty riled up. I have a bad temper at times… I think it comes from this red hair. *pulls a strand forward and grins*.

INT – So, besides your jealousy of Ty, is there any adventure involved.

 RF – Oh, you bet. *Squares herself in her chair*. The polecats that live on the neighboring ranch are aiming to get Fountainhead away from Pa. Dude Bryant and his twin boys are meaner than snakes… well at least Dude and Jeb are. Joshua comes across as quiet and a follower. But, *balls hands into fists* I’ll be danged if they’re gonna get my legacy. I actually bought a gun and taught myself to shoot it.

 INT – A gun? What do you plan to do with it?

RF – Protect Fountainhead of course. I’m aim to show Pa he don’t need Tyler Bishop around when he has me. I just wish Ty wasn’t so dang good lookin’.

 INT – I haven’t heard you mention your mother. How does she feel about you owning a gun?

RF - *Lowers her eyes*. My ma died when I was very young. I suppose that’s why I took up with the ranch hands and spend so much time workin’ outdoors. *Raises a steely gaze*. But, now that Ty’s in the picture, Pa wants me to spend more time in the house doing womanly things.

 INT – Would that be such a bad thing?

 RF – Of course it would. I don’t much care for cookin’ and cleanin’. We have Cook for that. I’d much rather brand a cow as fry one.

 INT – So what about the romance part of the story?

 RF – *Chews her bottom lip for a moment* Well, I accompany Ty to a dance in Sparta, and as usual, he gets my dander up there, too. I never should have gone, but those eyes of his make my knees weak. My better judgment flew right out the window. *Takes a deep breath* What happens from then on, you’ll have to find out for yourself. I may look young and na├»ve, but I’m not silly enough to give away the whole story. Miz Ginger is counting on sales to help pay for a trip ton somethin' called an aero-plane, and I wouldn’t want to let her down.

 INT – I certainly wouldn’t want you to do that either. You’ve given us enough of a teaser to stir some interest. Hopefully we’ll see you on a best seller’s list somewhere.

 RF – That would be right nice. It just may happen cause remember, I have a gun. *Slaps hip and fakes a draw*.

 INT - Well, here’s hoping you don’t have to use it. *laughs*. Thank you so much, Ellie for being with us today. And good luck in the future.

 RF – Oh, yeah. I almost forgot to tell you that Sparta Rose is on something called the “Innernet” at, *reaches in pocket and pulls out a slip of paper; reads it* *looks up*.  Boy, ain't that a mouthful. *looks back a paper* or you can find the publisher where you can get it, too at *stuffs paper back into her pocket*.  Boy, I don't understand all this http stuff, but I'm hoping everyone else does.

 INT – I've sure they do, Ellie. Thanks again for being here.

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How nice to see my little hometown being written about!