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              Hello all. I'm thrilled to be here and a part of Cowboy Kisses.
        Being from Wyoming I have a natural love for the West and the legends that came from those times. Living near the Black Hills and spending every summer on my family's ranch near the Big Horn Mountains, was the gateway to my love for all things western. I always loved to watch old western movies and documentaries of the west and the icons that came from it. I spent years lost in books reading and had a passion to write my own stories of the west. I'm a hopeless romantic and love happily ever after.
          After writing for fun for twenty years, I finally published my first book in 2017. Since then, my books have won numerous awards. Two time Laramie Award winner. IPPY Silver medal. Two time Chatelaine Award winner. Two time BIB Award winner. Beverly Award winner. Independent Press distinguished favorite. NYC Big Book Award distinguished favorite.  

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            Promise of Spring is 
a  multi-award winning book


        Threads of Passion is a 
      multi-award winning book

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