Katina J Rose


I am honored to join the crew here at Cowboy Kisses and looking forward to getting to know everyone.

A little bit about me. I've always loved reading, ever since I was young. As an adult, I'm a sucker for a happy ending and tend to stick with romances of all varieties.

I write steamy contemporary romances, full of banter and those almost moments that drive you crazy. Having you wonder if the characters will ever get it right. My hope is that you'll laugh, you'll cry, maybe even want to throttle someone. In the end, they always get their happy ever after.

When I'm not writing or buring myself in a book, you can find me out with my kids hiking, kayaking or spending a quiet day with the hubby. My home is in the Pacific Northwest where I live with my wonderful husband of twenty-three years and three kids ranging from 11 to 19. I work in education and spend my time volunteering with youth.

If you would like to hear more about my books and adventures check out my social media.

My Books

Finding Liv - A Ridge Ranch Novel
-Happy Every After
-Opposites Attract
-Friends to Lovers
-City Meets Country
-Small Town

What happens when sweet city meets country?
Will sparks fly or will she want more than he can offer?

Conner Ridge
Running a cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere doesn't leave time to meet people. Not wanting to be alone, I made an arrangement with a friend. We're suppose to get married if we ever stop dragging our feet, but something unexpected happens--I meet her. 

We couldn't be more different if we tried. I was born to raise cattle. She was born for finer things. So why am I drawn to her? Is it too late to change course and listen to my heart?

Liv Meyers
I've spent my life fighting against expectations to be the perfect southern bell, when all I want is to find my own way. Things are on track until I lose my job, and this city girl lands herself in the middle of Minnesota. 

A handsome cowboy sweeps me off my feet and it doesn't take me long to fall for him. When I discover he's not available, it might just break me. The town sees me as an outsider, but I've never felt more at home. When I truly lost everything, will I make my life here or go back to the city?

Managing Ryan - A Ridge Ranch Novella
-Forced Proximity
-One bed
-Happy Ever After

Can one wrong turn change two lives?

Ryan Weston

My life might not be perfect, but it's perfect for me. Quiet. Simple. I help run the Ridge Ranch. It's hard work and gives me what I need. But it doesn't leave me much to offer anyone. Especially the woman standing on the ranch house's front step. My instincts scream at me to turn her away. The last thing we need is a beautiful woma distracting the ranch hands, but I can't deny the little things needing attention around here. Including a decent meal. I can't be the man she needs, but I need her more than anything. 

Heather Wright

The job I was promised is ripped away before I even get through the door. A lack of funds and a wrong turn find me in the little town of Emerson, Minnesota. now, all that stands between me, a warm meal and a place to sleep, is a grumpy cowboy. I convince him he needs me, or at least the ranch does. I'm thrilled he accepts, it can't be that hard to cook for a cowboy and his ranch hands. Can it? Now, if only I can convive him that he needs me just as much. 

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