Monday, June 16, 2014

The Cowboy Hero

There’s a reason we love to read, and write, about cowboy heroes. A cowboy isn’t just a man wearing boots and a Stetson. It’s a way of life. A breed all its own. 

Here’s a list of a few traits cowboys are known for:

They respect women. Throwing their coats over mud puddles and opening doors for a lady is embedded in them. Cursing in front of women is a no-no.

Faith, in God, the land, animals, and other people runs deep. They expect others to respect that, too.

Humility runs strong in cowboys. The limelight isn’t for them. 

They are spendthrifts, until it comes to their horse and gear. Conservative, too, and not just with money. This includes words, deeds, beliefs, and politics.

Protectiveness runs strong in them—over their loved ones, animals, and the land. Don’t mess with a cowboy because he will fight to the death.

Music. Aw, yes, a cowboy loves his music. To play it, to dance to it, to sing. There’s always a song in a cowboy’s heart. 

Speaking of his heart—he wears it on his sleeves, although he’d never admit it. His heart is often as well used as his hands, full of scars and covered with calluses, but when he gives it away, it’s for a lifetime.

The strong silent type. Yep, that’s a cowboy. John Wayne meant it when he said, “Talk low, talk slow, and don’t say much.” Prying words out of a cowboy can be impossible. They’d rather communicate through actions. A cowboy doesn’t throw words around, especially ones he doesn’t mean.

Critters—they have to have more than one. Horses are a must, but so are dogs. They like other animals, too, but expect each one to have a purpose. 

That’s about it. Cowboys are simple men, down to earth, and utterly loveable—when they want to be. A heroine, lucky enough to have a cowboy fall in love with her, needs to understand these things. If she tries to change him, she’s changing who he is, and they’ll both be miserable. 

A final note, here’s a fun Cowboy Slang Dictionary. (


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We need more cowboys. Great article and very enjoyable.