Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ring in a Cowboy- writing holiday books way before the holiday. #ASMSG By Kathleen Ball

I love Christmas Romances and I often wondered if the book was actually written in the heat of the summer. Now I have an answer- yes! I've written many books that have holidays in it but writing for a particular holiday isn't as easy as I thought. When I write I have to feel it. I need to feel the emotions and getting into the Christmas spirit isn't an automatic thing.

I tried remembering Christmas from when I was a child. It was always filled with anticipation and joy. The wonderment of opening a present and believing Santa thought you worthy of the gift you wanted with all your being. It was magical, simply magical. 

I also played Christmas music and drove my husband crazy singing holiday songs while the sun was scorching hot. I live in Texas now but I'm a New Yorker. To me snow and Christmas go hand in hand. It's a big adjustment. 

I wrote my Christmas book and my New Years Story. New Years can be tricky. I've had great ones and I've had lonely dateless ones. But what is the feeling of New Years Eve? To me it's not a time to reflect- I do too much of that all year. It's a time of new possibilities, and new hope. 

I'm honored to be part of an amazing New Years Boxed Set- Ring in a Cowboy. The line up of authors blew me away.- Amanda McIntyre, Tori Scott, Gem Sivad, Kathleen Ball, Hildie McQueen, Rhonda Lee Carver, Donna Michaels,  Lexi Post and Victoria Vane.

Ring in a Cowboy-  nine sexy cowboys in this New Year's collection that will warm you from the inside out. Ring in a Cowboy.

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Shanna Hatfield said...

It is hard to get into the Christmas mode when it's mid-July and 103 outside! Best wishes no your upcoming release!

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