Monday, November 14, 2016

Writing a Christmas Book in August #ASMSG

Writing a Christmas Book in August

Many readers ask how we write our holiday books in the middle of the summer. I admit it is a bit of a challenge. Im at my desk in shorts and a tank top with the air conditioning blasting. I use Pandora for my music and I found many Christmas albums to play and it was strange but fun. I hadn't heard the old favorite songs in a long while but while that put me in a sort of holiday mood, something was missing. The spirit of Christmas just wasn't there. I tired to remember past Christmas. I got a warm and fuzzy feeling but it just didn't capture the spirit of Christmas. I finally remembered the wide eyed look of wonder of my son and my granddaughter and it hit. The wonder of Christmas through a child's eyes is the greatest part of the holidays. The magic of Christmas, the miracles that happen- that's what I wanted to capture.

I have new book out. It's called Poor Boy's Christmas plus I added in another Christmas book I had written called The Greatest Gift. I hope you pick the book up. It's on Amazon and is part of the Kindle Unlimited Program.

Poor Boy's Christmas

It’s Christmas in Asherville, Texas and Poor Boy finally comes home. He’s no longer the waif we grew to love; he is very much a man now. As the stage coach approaches his beloved town he spots Sheriff Shane O’Conner riding off after a pair of bank robbers. Poor Boy, the new deputy quickly finds a horse and races after them. One of the robbers is killed and to his surprise the other outlaw is a beautiful young woman.  

Molly McDonagh is heartbroken, the last of her family is dead. Now she’s in jail waiting to hang. Bounty hunters soon come to see if she is another wanted female outlaw and Shane decides Poor Boy needs to take his prisoner to a ranch where they can hide out as brother and sister.

How can something as sweet and wonderful as love be so very painful? Loving someone you know is going to swing from a rope is agony. Poor Boy knows Christmas is a time for miracles but he’s never experienced one before. Can he truly give away his heart to someone who has no future? Can living for the moment be uplifting or is it sheer heartbreak? 

The Greatest Gift

Upon hearing screams, handsome rancher, Foster O’Donnell races to his barn and finds a stranger giving birth. When he tells her his name, she screams he can’t be Foster O’Donnell. Foster O’Donnell is the father of her baby. Can Christmas change their mutual distrust? Will Foster and Ginger find The Greatest Gift?

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