Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Riding with the Texas Rangers

As a writer, there is nothing more exciting than stumbling upon a tidbit of history that you can weave into an epic story. A few years ago, I was doing research on the Alamo and Texas independence for a class. I happened to stumble upon this, the Grand Scheme for the Americas.

A three-pronged plan by Napoleon III which would make Mexico a colony of France. First, he planned to recognize the Confederate States of America and form a military alliance with them. Secondly, he would reintroduce the monarchy by establishing a cousin Maximillian I in Mexico and increase trade. Last, he would create a buffer state from the Rio Grande to the California Baja.

 He poured in troops which did little more than prop up the government. However, with the confederate loss, the rebels in Mexico began to win back territory from the conservatives. Using the American navy and backed by the Monroe Doctrine, Napoleon had to back down leaving troops behind at the mercy of Benito Juarez.

My devious mind took hold. I let my alter ego, Tessa Berkley, invented the Ranger company D from Whiskey Drum Creek. A four-member team who will unwittingly fall onto tantalizing clues with each story. A mad French nobleman who believes, he is now the Emporer of Tejas, and with each passing book, his madness deepens.

Will the ranger's and their heroines survive the treacherous paths ahead? You'll have to join me along for the journey in the Texas Conspiracy.

Book One, Incident at Cold Creek, pits Ranger Tyrone Calhoun Dixon against a half-breed gambler who is trying to purchase all the land along a railway by force, murder, and stolen land deals. He comes upon a ranch outside of Cold Creek only to find the man wanted for questioning, has been murdered.

Here is the blurb for Incident at Cold Creek.

Lilly Prentiss must come to grips with her husband's untimely death and the harsh reality of his many secrets. When a handsome drifter rides in with a promise of helping out, she accepts his offer, even if she doesn't believe he's telling the truth.

A cut of the cards with a gambler who holds the deed to her ranch seals her fate. She has no choice bu to play the hand she's been dealt, even if it cost her life.

Texas Ranger, Tyrone Dixon is on the trail of the prime suspect in the killing of a judge. When the trail leads to a rundown ranch in Cold Creek, he finds the man's wife bathing his body for burial. As Ty pitches in to help her get her ranch running again, he finds his badge can't shield his heart when it comes to the incident at Cold Creek.

If you'd like to read more, please feel free to use the link below and read the opening of Incident At Cold Creek. Amazon

Please feel free to comment. Some lucky person will get a pdf file of this new release. Do note, Tessa writes a bit hotter than Nan.  I hope you will all enjoy reading about the men of Company D. Four Texas Rangers, bound by honor and the brotherhood under the star, all for the glory of Texas.

Happy Reading! 

Nan O'Berry / Tessa Berkley


E. Ayers said...

Wow, Nan, I love your writing but I've never read any of Tessa's stories, I don't think. This sounds fantastic. I'm going to go buy one right now!

Nan O'Berry said...

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for commenting.