Sunday, May 10, 2015

It's In His Kiss by Kathleen Ball #ASMSG #IARTG

It’s In His Kiss

Kisses, Kisses, Kisses. Who doesn’t like a kiss? There are so many kisses which ones do you love best?

There is the peck on the lips, the kiss on the cheek, temple or hand. There are kisses in greeting and kisses to say goodbye. There are the accidental kisses and unwanted kisses.

The first kiss is always a long anticipated one. You’ve been waiting for it and when it finally happens, it makes you glow. The cowboy dips his head and takes her lips with his strong masculine ones. He pulls her closer as he deepens the kiss. Their hearts beat wildly as they open their mouths for each other. 

Stolen kisses are often good kisses. You know they only have a few minutes and they have to make the best of it and as they clutch each other tight, and share a magic kiss; a kiss to sustain them until they meet again. In those few minutes they communicate, their love, their need, and their intent to be together.

Depending on the circumstances, a “You may kiss the Bride” kiss can be sexy. They kiss and forget they are standing in front of family, friends and sometimes the whole town. It bodes well for a perfect wedding night. However, sometimes it’s a simple peck on the lips or kiss on the check and you can’t help but feel sorry for the Bride.

The bedroom kiss is long, sexy, and sensual. They have their arms wrapped around each other, or fingers running through the other person’s hair. It’s just the beginning of a great scene.

My favorite is the long, lingering, passion-filled kiss good bye. Will they see each other again? Will this kiss have to live in their hearts for eternity because it’s the last time they will set eyes on their loved one? They cling to each other and as the cowboy walks away, you hope he turns back to take one last look.

So what’s your favorite kiss? Any kiss by a cowboy would make my day.

Sexy Cowboys and the women who love them...

Nominee  for the 2015 RONE Award

Finalist in the 2012 RONE Awards.

Top Pick, Five Star Series from the Romance Review.

Kathleen Ball writes contemporary western romance with great emotion and memorable

characters.Her books are award winners and have appeared on best sellers lists including

Amazon's Best Sellers List, All Romance Ebooks, Bookstrand, Desert Breeze Publishing and

Secret Cravings Publishing Best Sellers list. She is the recipient of eight Editor's Choice

Awards, and The Readers' Choice Award for Ryelee's Cowboy.

There's something about a cowboy....

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Ginger Jones Simpson said...

I'll take a Cowboy Kiss. Sad that as you get older, kisses become more a peck on the cheek. I miss the passion and excitement of the first kiss. Great Post.

J.P. Grider said...

The FIRST kiss is always my favorite. In real life and in fiction. Great post! I love it.

Jean Joachim said...

Great post. I don't know which is my favorite. I'm afraid I love them all!

Paty Jager said...

Any kiss from my hero is always welcome, but I think my favorite kiss is the unexpected one. When I'm doing dishes or just helped strap the hay trailer and he walks up and kisses my lips. It's an intimate thank you.