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Guest Author Sable Hunter


Do you believe in love at first sight? I do. I’ve experienced it once, took one look at his handsome face staring off into the distance, cute striped shirt, sexy scruff, his dark hair all spiked up. My heart flipped over and I haven’t been the same sense.
Boom! Like a lightning bolt from the blue. Unexpected. Earth-shattering. Momentous.
A person who experiences love at first sight feels an instant, extreme, and hopefully long-lasting romantic attraction for one who is a stranger. In She’s Everything, Daniel sees Sara one time and tells his brother that he is about to go introduce himself to the future Mrs. Daniel Blackhawk. Ah – swoon! Read this.
. “We’ve had some excitement. A youngster wandered out into the road and this lady ran out and rescued him just before he was hit by a big truck.” As he watched the woman stand up from where she’d been kneeling by the child, she brushed off her jeans, pushed her hair over her shoulder and smiled. The grateful mother gave her a hug and various folks stepped forward to shake her hand or pat her arm. Daniel’s heart sped up, his cock turned to stone, and thoughts of any other woman fled his mind as if they’d never existed. “Well…I don’t think I’ll be seeing Fiona, not after this.”
He moved away from his truck slowly, his eyes never leaving the beauty. She was perfect. Fuckin’ perfect. Daniel forgot to breathe as she picked up an empty tray from the ground and began to walk toward a food truck parked beneath a big spreading oak. Dressed in tight jeans and a red plaid shirt, which was tied in an intriguing knot at her waist, he could see she was slender, yet with exquisite curves in all the right places. And her hair! God, her hair was right out of his fantasies – thick, dark, wavy, and long enough to brush the delectable cheeks of her ass.
“Why won’t you be seeing Fiona? What’s going on, Daniel?” Ezekiel’s voice sounded impatient and curious.
He answered his inquisitive brother as he gravitated toward the woman, like the tide being pulled to the shore. “Nothing’s wrong, everything is suddenly very right.” A smile creased his face. “If you’ll excuse me, I need to go and introduce myself to the future Mrs. Daniel Blackhawk.”
“What? Your future what?” Ezekiel’s voice was cut off as Daniel abruptly ended the call. He might be jumping the gun about the wife part, but he sure intended for the two of them to get better acquainted. By the time he moved through the lot, there was a dozen people standing around the silver food truck with a sign on the side that read Sweet Treats. “She sure is that and I have a weakness for sugar,” he whispered under his breath. Seeing the crowd surrounding the object of his desire, he knew he wouldn’t get within speaking distance anytime soon. With reluctance, Daniel headed into the pub to claim his to-go order. However, one thing was for sure…he had no intention of leaving without dessert.
Many romances have been penned about this phenomenon, dating back to the dawn of history, when it was considered a kind of madness or, as the ancient Greeks put it, theia mania – the madness from the gods. Eyes lock across a crowded room – and the rest, as they say, is history. Sometimes, this sudden passion for another was brought about by Cupid’s arrows finding their target, overwhelming the one who is pierced by the erotic dart with a sudden irresistible longing for the object of their affection.
The wise man Plato dubbed this phenomenon as ‘hunger at first sight’ and equated it to soul mates. The idea that a single heart could be struck in two, then search for their missing half for eternity. If they are fortunate enough to find one another, they are both immediately intoxicated with love, unable to bear being apart for even a moment.
William Shakespeare complicated matters by writing, ‘who ever loved that loved not at first sight?’. Scientists back him up by their research in the laws of attraction. One theory shows that the attractiveness of a person can be very quickly determined by our senses, with the average time being about a second. That’s fast.  
Many couples in literature have been bitten by the bug of love at first sight – Romeo and Juliet, Aladdin and Jasmine, Marius and Cosette from Moulin Rouge, and Anna and Hans from Frozen. Most of the couples in my novels have that instantaneous attraction also, but I have often remembered what a friend of mine told me. His name was Michael Meche from Bayou Teche, yes, he loved to say that. He was a cutie. He told me that he’d been married three times and I said something dorky about him falling in love with three different women. Mike told me that he didn’t think he’d ever been in love, but he’d definitely been in lust more than once.
Sometimes, most of the time, that’s how it starts. I can certainly remember the feeling. Lust. But it’s what happens next that’s the most important. I can remember when I fell in love, we began talking, spending time together. If he’d been a jerk, I would’ve walked away. But he was nice, sweet, he went out of his way to be good to me. The initial attraction I felt blossomed into love.
In She’s Everything, Daniel sees Sara risk her life to save a child. This shows him what kind of a person she is. And the more time they spend together, the greater their attraction, because it’s based on affection, respect, and having things in common. Like Brad Paisley’s song, She’s Everything – it’s the little things that start adding up. You love the way he tilts his head, his laugh, the jokes he tells, the way he holds your hand and steals a kiss. And when you find out he loves animals, he likes your writing, he sees the world the way you do - - well, love at first sight can become love of the forever kind.
If you’re looking for a cowboy book boyfriend, give Daniel Blackhawk a try. He is alpha, sweet, handsome and sexy as hell. Mix his western persona with a Native American ancestry and he’s a full-meal-deal. Plus, he has three brothers, so the saga can continue.
On a more personal note, I hope you are well. I’m fairly decent, it’s raining here in Pflugerville. Yes, Pflugerville, isn’t that a hoot? This small community is a part of the Austin metroplex, but it has its own personality. For example, any word beginning with an F is subject to getting a P stuck in front of it – for example the Pfarmer’s Market, the Pfire Department, the Pfamily Pfestival – well, you get the idea. I have even changed the name of my dog Fergus to Pfergus. He doesn’t like it. By the way, I fell in love with Pfergus at first sight, for sure.
Here’s the blurb and an excerpt from She’s Everything. The links and cover are below.

Cowboy Craze is a Hell Yeah! spinoff series introducing the Blackhawk brothers – Daniel, Easy, Sam, and Benjen. These men are the ultimate catch – handsome, kind, and sexy as hell. While making new friends, the reader will be able to catch up with old ones – the McCoys and their entourage will be as real in this world as they are in their own. Welcome to the hill country of Texas – where you can satisfy your craving for cowboys – and have a hot time doing it!  

Daniel Blackhawk never believed in love at first sight until he falls for Sarah Riley like a ton of bricks. From the moment he sees her rush out into a busy highway to save the life of a little child, he knows she is the woman for him.
Daniel isn’t the only one who’s captivated. Like a bolt from the blue, Sara is struck by the handsome cowboy who insists they are meant to be.
He’s hard to resist, especially when he sets his mind on proving to her how good they can be together.
There’s only one problem, Sara isn’t free.
She’s been hurt, tricked, and abandoned by someone she trusted, so making herself vulnerable again is a difficult choice.
Laying his heart on the line, Daniel sets out to show Sara he is exactly who she’s been waiting for all her life. He wants to be her champion, her dragon-slayer, and her knight in shining armor – all rolled into one.
With exquisite attention to her every need, Daniel begins to woo her – making her happy, keeping her safe, proving that there is nothing he won’t do for her. Their chemistry is off the charts, the heat between them is irresistible.
Sara is Daniel’s everything.
Their happy-ever-after seems assured…until the unthinkable happens.
When their world falls apart, only the power of love can save them.
“Where are your brothers?”
Daniel found a note on the counter, reading it quickly. “They drove into town for a beer, this says they’ll be back soon.”
“So, we’re alone?”
Her question made him aware they were thinking along the same lines, albeit for different reasons. “Don’t worry, your honor is safe with me.”
“I know.” Dang-it, she bit back a smile. “Pity,” she whispered, as she checked in the kitchen to make sure everything was put away and Hope had plenty of water.
“What did you say?”
“Nothing.” She didn’t want to ask for something he wasn’t ready to give. The truth was – their earlier conversation haunted her. Sara had no desire to be alone.
“I’ll remind you that my desire to be a gentleman is only rivaled by my desire for you.”
The soft-spoken conviction gave Sara pause. “I love how you treat me and I respect the boundaries you set, I just need to be held,” she confessed quietly. “I read somewhere that sleeping with someone, just sleeping, could be more intimate than sex. Do you think that could be true?”
Daniel’s heart began to thump like a bass drum in his chest. “I don’t know, I guess we could test the theory out.” He moved to the old-fashioned hutch that held his mother’s china and crystal. A metal tray sat on top with a few bottles of whiskey and scotch. He took a glass and poured himself a shot of Jack Daniels. “May I pour you one?” He held up another glass.
Great. How heartening to know the man needed to liquor up in order to face lying in the same bed with her. Shaking her head, she knew she was over-reacting. He’d stated his position and after learning how he’d been treated by a woman he’d only endeavored to help, she could understand his self-imposed rules. “No, thank you. I’m good.” She picked up Hope and started for the room she’d been allocated. “Don’t worry about my request, I shouldn’t have asked. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
The way he said her name stopped Sara in her tracks. She didn’t turn around, she just waited to hear what he had to say.
“Wait on me.”
Even though his voice pulled her like a magnet, Sara didn’t move. “No need, Daniel, I’m okay now. I just felt lost for a little while.”
She could hear his footfalls moving across the floor. He moved so near she could feel the heat from his body branding her skin.
“You’re not going to offer a drink to a man starving for water, then dash the life-giving droplets to the ground, are you?”
His eloquent, descriptive sentiment accomplished just what it was supposed to. Breathless, she braced herself against the wall.
“Go get ready for bed, I’ll join you in a few moments.” He tugged a strand of her hair. “I can do intimacy better than any man you’ll ever meet. You’ll see.”
Sara lost no time getting ready for bed. Even though they wouldn’t be consummating their relationship, if Daniel was going to be in her bed, she wanted to be as perfect for him as possible. Despite showering in record time, Sara made sure she was smooth and sweet smelling. The only quandary she faced was a sexy sleeping garment…she didn’t own one. Staring into her underwear drawer, she frowned. No matter how hard she looked, there was nothing even remotely seductive to be found. Finally, she chose a pink sleep shirt and a matching pair of boy shorts. Pulling the soft garments onto her body, she paced the floor nervously.
After showering and changing into a T-shirt and a pair of lounge pants, Daniel went to the kitchen for a little help in coping. Going to the freezer, he filled a plastic bag with a few ice-cubes, then slipped them into his shorts. “Jeepers Fuckin’ Creepers!” he hissed, doubling over with the shock. “That’s right, down-boy, down-boy. I’m going in there and hold Sara until she goes to sleep and I will not be dictated to by my errant cock!”
He withstood the freezing ache for as long as he could, then jerked the bag out and tossed it into the trash. “Now, you’ve got honest to God blue balls, numb nuts.”
When he was as steady as he was going to get, Daniel set off for Sara’s room. He’d pledged himself to do and be exactly what Sara needed – and he’d do it – even if it killed him
A tapping on her door almost sent Sara diving beneath the covers, but she clutched the top of the quilt and held on. “Come in,” she called and in the heartbeat between her invitation and the door opening, Sara attempted to arrange herself in some semblance of a seductive pose, lying back on the pillow and leaning on one arm. But just as the door opened, she abandoned her sultry guise and just sat up straight in the bed, leaning against the headboard. Being something other than what she was would be foolish.
Daniel stepped in, his eyes finding her waiting for him, sweet and wide-eyed, looking so beautiful, he found it hard to take air into his lungs. “Hey, got room for one more in that bed?”
She nodded, scooting over so close to the edge, he feared she might tumble to the floor. He flipped off the big light and turned on the small lamp. With a slightly shaking hand, Daniel yanked back the covers and climbed in next to her.
“Are you sure this isn’t an imposition?” she asked, suddenly overwhelmed by his sheer size and proximity. Lying next to him was like being in the protective shadow of a high and mighty rock, safe from the heat of the day or the pounding of a storm.
“Stop.” He pulled her into his arms, tugging her to his body. “I’m right where I want to be.” When he tucked her close, a sense of complete rightness enveloped him. “Let’s just use this time to get to know one another. Okay?” He held up his hand and she fit hers to it. He caressed her hand, rubbing their palms together, weaving their fingers to mate with one another, interlocking and sliding side by side.
“Okay. I’m not afraid anymore.” She trembled with delight at the heaven of being in his arms. “No matter what happens I have enjoyed being close to you…very much.”
“Oh, me too. Me too.” He looked into her eyes. “I love having you in my life.” Holding her felt so good, feeling the soft press of her body to his. Holing her small hand in the eager clasp of his own, his every breath filled with her subtle, feminine perfume. Having Sara near him like this was pure luxury. A feast for his senses after a long drought of solitude.
“I love taking care of you and your brothers.” She brought his hand to her lips and kissed it. “And remember, the money I would’ve earned goes to pay the lawyer. I still have what you gave me, I haven’t spent any of it.”
Daniel pulled her close and laid his lips on hers, kissing her gently. “I would do this for you, regardless. But since I will be the one who benefits most from ridding you of your husband, I am honored to fund the effort.” He saw her wince when he called the scoundrel by the title he didn’t deserve. “And once we know the outcome is imminent, you won’t be able to keep me out of your bed…” He kissed her again, softly. “Unless you don’t want me.”
“I want you,” she whispered, no future tense implied. “You’ve been through so much, to involve yourself in my problems is a lot to ask.”
“You didn’t ask,” he reminded her. “I offered. Even more, I insisted.” He kissed each eyelid closed. “Remember?”
“Why?” she asked, needing to understand. “I’ve made one mistake after another. I saw Fiona and I’ve looked in the mirror. You could have any woman you desire.”
“Good to know.” He joined their lips again, inhaling her breath as his own. “Since I desire only you.”
They kissed and kissed, making out like teenagers in the back of a car. He played with fire, caressing her body, fueling an arousal of his own that he had no intention of quenching.
Not tonight.
Tonight, was all about Sara. “I love this, baby,” he whispered. “We can make forever feel this way.” He worshiped her with his lips and mouth, giving her what she needed, holding her until the sad memories drawn forth by the evening’s events were once more relegated to the quiet place of simple regret.
Before she fell asleep, Sara cuddled closer to his chest and whispered, “It’s a good thing we’re waiting.”
Daniel, who’d endured the sweetest torture, was almost beyond comprehending. “What are you saying, sweet?”
Sighing happily, she closed her eyes. “I’ll have time to practice being good in bed.”
“God, help me,” Daniel groaned, his cock springing back to life with a vengeance. If he didn’t have her soon, he would die.

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