Friday, February 14, 2020

The story of my OLD New Release, FOLLOWING FAITH by Jacqui Nelson

Happy Valentine's Day!

For several years, my book Following Faith could only be read in the Journey of the Heart multi-author anthology. This February that contract ended. Now I'm able to share Faith and Eagle's story as a single title with its own awesome book cover! ❤️

The cover was made by Kim Killion from a photoshoot with Rick Mora (from the Twilight movies) and Sharon Sala's granddaughter. Wow! That's pretty darned impressive. But even before I knew all of that, I knew this was the perfect cover for Faith and Eagle.

Who is Faith? And why is Eagle following her? 

Can a single day together on horseback change your life forever?

Labeled a harlot and expelled from a remote logging camp and her work teaching children, Faith Featherby embarks on a journey to return a stolen spirit horse to the little girl whose photograph was hidden in the horse’s riding blanket.

Orphaned young and stifled by a lifelong shyness, Faith has only her education as a schoolmistress and her memories of her mother’s stories. She’s not an experienced rider, but a Medicine Hat horse—alleged to have the sacred power to protect its rider—might be her best hope for surviving the wilderness... until an Osage warrior rides out of the mist.

Scarred by a brutal past, the warrior challenges Faith to follow a new path where belief in yourself and your partner, be they horse or man, can lead to a triumph of the heart.

Following Faith's Excerpt 

Chapter 2 - where Faith & Eagle first meet - and where Faith isn't an experienced horseback rider, but she's determined to try her best! 

Faith's gaze darted between the two paths. Her mare edged toward the narrow trail that ascended to Bird’s Eye Pass, making her choice clear. 

Faith wasn’t convinced. Wouldn’t it be more prudent to take the flatter, more used and therefore safer road?

Spirit’s entire body tensed. She released a shrill whinny and trotted up the trail before Faith could pull her to a halt. High above them, a man on a pale horse galloped out of the mist cloaking the pass. Long dark hair flying out behind him, the man rode with an elegant grace as if one with his horse. His pace quickened, heading straight for her.

She urged Spirit back onto the main road. Her decision had been made for her. She didn’t want to approach the rider thundering toward her with such determination. 

Mustering her own resolve, she tried to make Spirit go faster. The best she achieved was a brisk walk. At least they moved away from the trail. With any luck, the rider would be heading toward Timber Creek. 

His mount’s galloping hoofbeats grew louder, pounded onto the main road, and then slowed to a clip-clop—trotting her way. Several agonizing heartbeats later, the horse’s strides fell into an easy rhythm with Spirit’s. 

Surprise loosened Faith’s lips. Without looking back, she asked, “Are you following me?”

“Yes.” The timbre of his deep voice was pleasing but unusual. The orphanage and academy had accommodated many with mixed accents, but none as intriguing as his. A fanciful notion since he’d said only one word. And not a word she should appreciate.

She strove to make her voice stern and unapproachable. “Why are you following me?”

“You are riding—” He heaved a sigh, then continued in a gentler tone like he feared he might spook her. “My horse.”

~ * ~ 

To read the opening scene of Following Faith, visit my excerpt page on my website.

Or purchase Following Faith for $0.99 on Amazon (or read it for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription): Amazon US, UK, Canada, and Australia

A note about my Lonesome Hearts Series

Following Faith is book #2 in my Lonesome Hearts series. This series follows the frontiersmen and women who meet on the Oregon Trail and afterward. Each story features characters from the other books but is also a standalone read.

Thanks for hanging out with me on Valentine's Day! 

Sending you lots of love and all of my hugs today - and every day ❤️❤️


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Julie Lence said...

Awesome way for the hero and heroine to meet! And pretty cool the girl on the cover is Sharon's granddaughter. Thanks for sharing Jacqui.

Jacqui Nelson said...

Thank you for commenting, Julie 😀❤️

Alicia Haney said...

It sounds intriguing and like a good page turner, and the cover is Beautiful. Thank you for sharing about your book, I will be adding it to my TBR list. Have a Great weekend.

Jacqui Nelson said...

Wonderful to hear you're adding Following Faith to your TBR list, Alicia! ❤️