Monday, February 3, 2020

Juicy Fruit Gum

By Kristy McCaffrey

William Wrigley Jr. started the Wrigley Company in Chicago in 1891. He sold his father’s Scouring Soap and as an enticement to buy, he included a free gift of baking powder. However, the baking powder became more popular than the soap, so the company switched to selling baking powder with a few sticks of chewing gum as a gift. When the gum became far more popular than the baking powder, Wrigley proceeded to produce and sell chewing gum.

The Juicy Fruit flavor was introduced in 1893 and has been characterized as a combination of banana and pineapple, although some say it resembles jackfruit. Peach is also a reported flavoring.

The gum was taken off the civilian market temporarily during World War II due to ingredient shortages and the demand for the gum to be included in C-rations (prepared food for the military troops).

Juicy Fruit helped the Wrigley Company become the most popular and successful chewing gum company in the world.

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A sweet romance set in 1884 Utah Territory.


Rosemary has gone into the hills in search of an old Spanish mine called The Floriana but has become lost. She stumbles across the path of two unsavory prospectors, Hector and Alvin. It’s here that she meets our hero, McGinty.

Two men rolled in the dirt, locked together like battling bull elk. Another horse stood vigil, minus its rider, who must be the man currently fighting Hector on her behalf. For a split second, she thought it might have been Priscilla’s husband, Braxton, but the man grunting and, unfortunately, losing ground to the likes of Hector, was a stranger to her.

Friend or foe, she couldn’t let Hector win.

“Freeze or I’ll shoot,” she said loudly.

Both men stopped and looked at her.

“Who are you?” she demanded of the stranger.

“McGinty,” he wheezed past the chokehold Hector had on him.

McGinty? That sounded familiar.

“Let him go, Hector,” she demanded, “before I drag you to the marshal and have you locked up.”

A wicked grin spread across Hector’s face. “How you gonna do that? You’re as lost as a whore in church.”

Rosemary inhaled sharply. “You’re a despicable human being, and if you don’t release Mr. McGinty right now, I’ll shoot your foot off.”

 Hector chuckled and gripped his arm tighter around McGinty’s neck. The stranger’s face was starting to turn purple.

Rosemary cocked the gun and closed her right eye to line up the sight with her left the way she had practiced with Jack. Without hesitation she fired, the kick from the weapon knocking her backwards with a scream. As she scrambled to her feet, Hector was howling, but Mr. McGinty had managed to free himself.

Alvin ran toward them with a lopsided gait, huffing and sweating. He might be young, but he acted like an old man.

Mr. McGinty grabbed a shotgun from his horse and aimed the firearm at the two prospectors.

“She shot me!” Hector wailed.

Rosemary remained where she was, a terrible trembling overcoming her. Good Lord, I did shoot him.

Alvin bent down to examine his friend’s leg, wheezing as he spoke. “Now, Hector, she barely grazed you.”

“She shot my foot off!”

Alvin shook his head, his mouth buried in the mop of whiskers that hung from his chin. “Nope. The bullet’s in the ground, not yer foot. She made a hole in your trousers, that’s all. I see a tiny speck of blood, but I’m not sure since you’re a mite filthy.”

“Grab her!” Hector insisted. “We’ll take her to Wildcat Ridge and have her arrested.”

“I don’t think so,” Mr. McGinty finally chimed in. “You were chasing her. What did you plan to do when you caught her?”

Hector’s expression turned incredulous. “Who the blazes are you? And how do you know she’s not my wife? Or somethin’?”

Mr. McGinty looked at her and the full brunt of his attention stilled her breath. Before she turned purple herself, she gulped air into her lungs. He was tall and strong and … how on earth did the likes of Hector best this man?

“Are you his wife?” he asked. “Or somethin’?”

Copyright © 2019 K. McCaffrey LLC

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Julie Lence said...

I haven't had Juicy Fruit gum in years, but always enjoyed it as a child.

Kristy McCaffrey said...

It's definitely timeless.

Ruthie Manier said...

I'm still a Juicy Fruit fan! I enjoyed the except for your book and will add it to my TBR list.

Kristy McCaffrey said...

Thank you, Ruthie! I keep Juicy Fruit in my desk drawer while I'm writing. It hits the spot.

Patti Sherry-Crews said...

What a fun post! Being a Chicago girl I especially enjoyed it. In fact, one of the last texts I got my my husband was a shot he took on his phone of the Wrigley Building which is gorgeous. I am laughing that there was a time that free Baking Soda would be an incentive to buy anything, LOL! And I don't know why I never thought of the gum being fruit-flavored despite it being called Juicy Fruit. Duh. Now I think about it, it does taste like bananas and pineapple. Great excerpt!

Shanna Hatfield said...

Love Juicy Fruit gum and this post is so fun, Kristy! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Kristy McCaffrey said...

I was surprised by the flavors too. You don't really think about what's actually in it LOL.

Kristy McCaffrey said...

Thanks, Shanna. I love it too!