Friday, July 15, 2016



The Cowboys in the old west had their own way of expressing their thoughts and actions. Though some of the expressions they used are in use today, some are outdated.
Here are a few I thought interesting.

Ace-high ~ first class, respected.

Bend an elbow ~ have a drink.

Crowbait ~ derogatory term for a poor-quality horse.

Directly ~ soon.

Fish ~ a cowboy's rain slicker, from a rain gear manufacturer whose trademark was a fish logo.

Grass widow ~ divorcee.

Heeled ~ to be armed with a gun.

In apple pie order ~ in top shape.

Jawin’ me ta death – talking too much

Knocked into a cocked hat ~ fouled up, rendered useless.

Lunger ~ slang for someone with tuberculosis.

Mudsill ~ low-life, thoroughly disreputable person.

Nailed to the counter ~ proven a lie.

Odd stick ~ eccentric person.

Put a spoke in the wheel ~ to foul up or sabotage something.

Quirley ~ roll-your-own cigarette.

Raise hob – raise hell as in going to town to raise hell

Shave tail ~ a green, inexperienced person.

The Old States ~ back East.

Unreliable as woman’s watch – because women are always late

Viands – food, meals

Who-hit-John ~ Liquor, beer, intoxicating spirits.

X ~ Make the x mark when they couldn't write their name

Yarn the hours away – tell stories

Zonkard - One who is often in a drunken state

Agnes Alexander



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