Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas on the Prairie

Every year at this time, my thoughts turn to the Christmas' portrayed in Little House On The Prairie.  Stores were miles away, and families took pride in handmade gifts.  I can picture Laura's face pressed against the foggy glass window of their shanty, looking out at the rapidly following snow.

In the corner of the house, always sat a small tree decorated with homemade objects like red berries and popcorn.  Imagine the time spent stringing those things.

Of course, stockings...real ones, not the fancy ones we use these days, were hung and that's usually where handmade scarves, hats, apples, oranges, or other treasures were placed.  There were no gayly decorated wrapping papers, so things to big to fit in the stocking, like a new shirt for pa, were wrapped in plain brown paper.  The real treats were the fancy supper fixins'.  

As you celebrate the holiday, think about how good you have it, and when you're buried in piles of colorful wrapping, think of Pa, Ma, Laura, Mary and Baby Grace.

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