Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Character Interview with Roth Beaumont

Lydia’s Gunslinger is the 2nd book in my Revolving Point, Texas Series. Roth was such a fun hero to write. He has his own sense of humor, is tough on the outside and a big, ole teddy bear on the inside. A while back, Roth was interviewed on the Wild Women Authors blog. He proved such a charming scamp, I thought I’d share with you here:  

Where are you from? St. Louis

Tell us a bit about Lydia’s Gunslinger: I grew up in an orphanage. The headmaster enjoyed tormenting boys, and whipped me on a few occasions. When I was old enough, I ran away, leaving my sister behind. I had no money, so I fell in with a band of outlaws. Made a name for myself robbing banks and payrolls. Outlaws don’t really have friends, but there was one person I could somewhat trust, Gage Cantrell. He helped me steal my sister away from the orphanage. I left her in Tucson after Gage and me pulled another heist and then split up, because a posse was after us. That’s when I met up with Percy, a miserable lout, and rode with him to Revolving Point. Situated on the Rio Grande, that town has a reputation worse than any outlaw. Rumors along the trail said Revolving Point nearly burned down, and the worst of the outlaws now made it his home. Percy had to find out for sure, and as luck would have it, Buck Grayson was there. Bastard that he is, Grayson forced me to pin on a badge and help him keep law and order. If I didn’t, he promised to send me to The Walls. His method for keeping me in line is my sister. Debra was injured and Grayson brought her to Revolving Point to heal. Now, he’s forced me to greet the orphanage lady, Lydia Tyler.

(Ryland Lydia's orphanage
Lydia took me to task the moment we met. Trouble is, I like that. And the spark of defiance in her eyes. But Lydia’s a society lady and has troubles of her own, namely in the form of the man her pa hired as headmaster of her orphanage. A woman like her probably doesn’t want anything to do with me, or my guns, which she detests. But she keeps company with me, hints at a bit of larceny in her bones. With or without her say-so, I’m gonna rid her of her troubles.  
What did you think the first time you saw Lydia? That she’s a pretty, little spitfire, with hair as black as coal, eyes like a cat, and a temper to match mine.  

What was your second thought? That I was gonna get even with Grayson for setting her in my path. 

Did you feel it was love at first sight? Lust is more like it. Love didn’t come along until a few days later. 

What do you like most about Lydia? Her sass, the way she fusses over me and how she doesn’t try to change me. 

How would you describe Lydia? Lydia is pretty inside and out. She has a good heart and protects her orphans as fiercely as a mama bear guards her cubs. She’s loyal, outspoken and generous to a fault.  

How would Lydia describe you? Over-bearing, temperamental, crude, crazy, a menace… and those are my good qualities. 

What made you choose outlawing as a career? Didn’t have a choice, seeing how I had no skills or money. It was either steal and eat or starve and die.

What is your biggest fear? Losing Lydia, in any way. 
How do you relax? I don’t. If you had enemies like mine, you wouldn’t, either. 

Who is your favorite fictional character and why? I don’t have one. I’m not one for reading, unless it’s a Wanted poster. 

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Don’t wear spurs. They make too much noise.

Lydia’s Gunslinger is available here:

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Shanna Hatfield said...

Such a fun post, Julie! Thanks for sharing more about his character with us!

Julie Lence said...

So glad you enjoyed it Shanna. Roth is so much fun to work with. Hugs!