Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Old time cowboys are the best!

I was procrastinating on the internet the other day and came across this photo of the 1953 World Champion Cowboys. Included in this crop of champions are some of the best to ever throw a leg over a horse.

Probably the best known is Ben Johnson. This 1953 title for best Team Roper was Johnson's only year end championship, but as you all know, he went on to an illustrious film career. Ben starred in many westerns and won an Oscar in 1971 for his portrayal of an aging cowboy in The Last Picture Show.

Once, when talking about rodeo, he said, "I've won a rodeo world championship, and I'm prouder of that than anything else I've ever done."

Also in this group is Casey Tibbs. He won the World All-Around Championship in 1951 and '55, the Saddle Bronc in 1949, 1951-54, and 1959. He was the Bareback Bronc Champion in 1951. He was even on the cover of Life magazine in 1951.  

Bill Linderman competed in the Rodeo Cowboys Association during the 1940s and 50s. Linderman was the first cowboy to win three Rodeo Cowboy Association world championships in a year in 1950.
He served as the RCA's board of directors, president and secretary-treasurer and was essential in the formation of the National Finals Rodeo. You can see from the photo why he was a champion. 

Rodeo has become a big time sport with some fantastic cowboys, but they are hard pressed to top what these guys did at a time when there wasn't much money to be won. 

Who is your favorite rodeo cowboy? I'd have to say mine is Ben Johnson.


T Fordice said...

Ben Johnson - his voice and his TV career were Awesome

Jacquie Rogers said...

Dean Oliver...a great roper! And he overcame a lot of adversity to become a world champion several times over.