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Christmas Reading

Years ago, when I first created Royce Weston, his twin sister, brothers Lucas and Creel, and his father, I had no idea I would expand the Weston family into 4 novels and 3 short stories. But as I kept writing, the family kept growing. The brothers married and the children grew up. It is 3 of those children I’m interviewing today, as they are the leads in the Weston Family Series Christmas stories. (Tess and Cade Weston are Lucas’ children and Tabitha Weston is Royce’s daughter.) Purchase links are at the end, and each story is .99 cents on Amazon.

Tess Weston:
Tell us a little about Christmas Miracles:
With a winter storm threatening to blanket the land in snow, James Landry boards a train to Denver two days before his Christmas Eve wedding to Tess Weston, despite her misgivings that the storm will hinder his return trip home. But James has to go to the big city to replace the worthless ring he mistakenly bought for her with a band of real gold, and assures her nothing, not even snow, will keep him from arriving at the altar on time. But James doesn't count on finding himself stuck in knee-deep drifts, with a Colt .45 staring him in the face.
Tess has had an eerie feeling that something bad is going to happen to James since the moment he told her of his trip. With fat, flakes of snow falling steadily from the sky, images flicker in her mind of him stranded in a hotel room, or on a cold train car. But for some reason, the snow piling up outside her window doesn't lend weight to her fear that James is in grave danger. Determined to help him, Tess sets out on a course to find him, only to have one obstacle after another deter her from reaching him.     

What did you think the 1st time you saw James?
That he was another ranch hand pa had hired.

What was your 2nd thought?
With his broad chest and muscles, I could snuggle against him all day.

What do you like most about James?
His smile and his honesty.

How would you describe James?
He’s loyal and a hard worker. And sometimes he’s shy.

How would James describe you?
Bold, sassy, determined, stubborn; I inherited the best of my parent’s traits. But I think James also sees I have good heart and I’m kind.

What is your biggest fear?
Losing James, or any member of my family.

Cade Weston:
Tell us a little about Christmas Hearts:
After spending two years in Wyoming, Cade Weston is eager to return to his family’s ranch to celebrate the Christmas holiday. But fate intervenes in the form of a tortured soul—Nicole. Her guardian has abused her, leaving Cade with little choice but to pay for her freedom and take her with him. Holed up with her in a Denver hotel, a feeling hints he wants more from her than a thank you for having helped her. Problem is she doesn’t return the feeling.
Nicole Lamar has spent the past six months dreaming of freedom. Savannah, with its warmth and sunshine, beckons. Now that Cade has rescued her from an evil proprietor, that freedom is within reach. But when the handsome cowboy proves he’s the owner of a Christmas Heart, a life without him suddenly isn’t so desirable. Before she can approach him about the matter, he purchases a ticket for her on an eastbound train. And one for himself on a southbound train.

What did you think the 1st time you saw Nicole?
She was beaten and wearing flimsy clothing on a cold winter’s day. I wanted to punch the man she was with.

What was your 2nd thought?
To get her away from the man she was with, take her to someplace warm where her body could heal, where she could find warmer clothes, and where she would be safe.

What do you like most about Nicole?
She’s a fighter. In her situation, plenty of other women would’ve died.

How would you describe Nicole?
Strong willed, kind, lonely, cautious.

How would Nicole describe you?
Her first thought most likely was I’m another man intent on hurting her. After that, I’m fairly certain she would say I’m trustworthy and someone she can depend on.

What is your biggest fear?        
Not sure that I have one, unless you count something happening to a family member, or Nicole. We Westons look out for each other, and when one of us hurts, we all hurt. As for Nicole, I’m going to make sure her captor doesn’t lay claim to her again.

Tabitha Weston:
Tell us a little about Christmas Wishes:
U.S. Marshall Chance McBride has spent weeks tracking Steve ‘Smarty’ Jones. Ambushed and wounded by the outlaw, Chance is forced to seek help at a nearby school. But the teacher isn’t what he imagined. Instead of a male wearing trousers, a female takes charge of his care. Bright blue eyes and soft curves; Tabitha’s sassy nature awakens a deep-seated loneliness only she and a Christmas wish can soothe.
Tabitha Weston has never favored anything girlie. She’d rather saddle-break wild horses than bat her eyelashes and flirt with a man. But one glimpse into Chance’s molasses-colored eyes and Tabitha’s abhorrence to relationships is suddenly corralled by her need to win the lawman’s favor. Can a wish upon Christmas snow for him to trade the freedom of the trail for a home with her actually come true? She’s about to find out.    

What did you think the 1st time you saw Chance?
He was big and muscular. Grabbing me from behind and forcing his way into the schoolhouse, I was sure he was an outlaw and meant me harm.

What was your 2nd thought?
Upon discovering he was a U.S. Marshall and wounded, I had no time to admire over his handsomeness and his muscles. I had to dig a bullet out of him.

What do you like most about Chance?
His bravery. I know my poking around his insides had to hurt, but he didn’t complain.

How would you describe Chance?    
Despite his putting the fear of God into me upon our meeting, I’ve come to realize Chance is a good man. He’s handsome, somewhat fearless, and is as skittish over matters of the heart as I am.

How would Chance describe you?
Sassy, bossy, and not prone to swooning.

What is your biggest fear?
At the moment, worrying Chance will take a turn for the worst because of something I did wrong.   

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