Monday, April 8, 2019

A Special Kind of Crazy

by Laura Drake

Hey y’all!  For any who don’t know me, I’m Laura Drake, a Contemporary Western Romance author. But I mostly write about a specific kind of cowboy – the crazy ones – bull riders.
I’m a city girl from Detroit, but I married a Bigger-than-life Texan. On my first trip to Texas, he took me my first rodeo and I fell in love! Then I found out bull riding was on TV every Saturday and I was hooked! There’s something about a guy having the courage to get on a one-ton animal that wants to stomp his guts out that gets me. Done right, it’s a like a dangerous ballet. I’ve met a bunch of the riders, and my faith in the younger generation was bolstered; they’re down home country boys who still say ma’am and sir, and use the manners their mamas taught them. Well, and then there’s always the Wranglers in chaps!

I tend to jump in with both feet, but even I admit, I got carried away. I’ve been to ten regular events, and four World Finals in Vegas, one after breaking my leg in a freak fly fishing accident (that’s another blog). Hey, I’m a dedicated fan….and it was a bonus that the handicapped staging area was right outside the guys locker-room!

I wrote a three-book series set in the world of pro bull riding, Sweet on a Cowboy. When the first one came out, I called in all my markers, and got with Jory Markiss, who at the time, was the #10 bull rider in the world (and he’s pretty darned cute, besides).

Speaking of seriously cute, for the model for my last hero in the series, Cam Cahill, I used the bull riding legend, Chris Shivers. I mean…whew!

Seeing an event in person is hard to describe: the pyrotechnics, the entertainment, the electric excitement of the crowd – if you ever get a chance to see a PBR event, GO!

So, bottom line, yes, I’m a bit obsessive about bull riding. And I haven’t even talked about the bulls! Yes, many fans are there to cheer for them! But that’s a subject for another day. AND I just bought tickets for this year’s World Finals in Vegas, baby!

So – have you ever been to a bull riding event? 


Paty Jager said...

Hi Laura, I've been to several PBR events and regular rodeos that have bull riding. I do feel the bull riders at PBR are a notch higher in skill than the regular rodeos. It does take guts for them to ride a snot slinging 2000 pound irate animal. Even though I have one story about a female bull rider, I don't like watching it or bronc riding. I get squeamish when things go wrong and then I can't watch any more. I love the barrel racing and calf roping. Less danger or moments to make me squeamish. ;) Great post. I can feel your enthusiasm and I'll be it shows in your books.

Laura Drake said...

Thank you, Paty! I'm friends on Twitter with a lady bull rider - they have more guts than I! Although, if I'd known about bull riding when I was younger...

I love barrels and cutting horse competitions. And, of course, bullfighting comps.