Tuesday, April 21, 2020

WESTERN WIVES by Kathleen Lawless @kathleenlawless

One of the many reasons I find the Wild West fun to write about is the opportunity afforded women during the time.  With a ten-men-to-every-woman ratio in many of the territories, women were more concerned about suitability than availability.  As someone who lives on an island where there are eight women to every man, I prefer those odds of 150 years ago. 

Unlike the East, where a woman’s marriageability was more likely based on social standing, family background and financial prospects, in the West, things were different.  Even a woman of questionable background could marry a man of her choosing, and if it didn’t work out, divorce was relatively easy to obtain in most areas. 

In keeping with those times I’m having a lot of fun writing about mail-order brides in the multi-author project, Widows, Brides and Secret Babies.  This popular, sweet western series stretches me as an author and offers me the chance to work with a talented array of other writers. 

I’m excited for you to meet Olivia in June and Rachel in August. 

Snippet from MAIL ORDER OLIVIA.  
Using an assumed name, Oliva shows up as a mail-order bride to the man she once loved, and was told had died.  Copyright 2020 Kathleen Lawless.  All rights reserved. 

          As the train slowed to a stop Olivia rose, settled her wiggly daughter on one hip, and reached for her valise, which was light enough to lift with only hand.  Because she had left Philadelphia in a hurry, she had packed only the bare necessities for Chloe and herself.
          She waited as passengers jostled past her, impatient to disembark.  No need to wonder if she would recognize Robert; she would know him anywhere.  When she stepped from the train, she spotted him instantly on the far side of the platform, talking to a plump, dowdy-looking woman.
          Pushing aside her fears and uncertainty, she covered the ground between them and reached the pair just as the other woman fisted some money Robert handed her, and rushed off. 
          Olivia knew exactly what had happened.  Robert had changed his mind.   Again.  The same way he had when he left her high and dry in Philadelphia, in a family way.  That wouldn’t be happening a second time!
          “Robert!  Her tone was more shrill than she intended, but it got his attention.  As he turned toward her, a myriad of expressions crossed his face.  Surprise and delight quickly faded to wariness.  His steps were hesitant as he approached her.
          “Livie!  What are you doing here?”
          “Looking for you, obviously.”
          “I don’t understand!”  
          “Neither do I.”
          Olivia was vaguely aware that the platform had emptied around them as they stood, gazes locked. 
          “You look well,” he said finally.  “I see congratulations are in order.  Where’s Harry?”
          “Harry died a few weeks ago.  Stumbled blind drunk in front of a train.”  She stated the facts with no more emotion than she had felt at the time, except relief that Harry was out of her life.
          “I’m sorry to hear that.”  His gaze darkened with emotion, only to vanish as quickly as it appeared.  “If you came to me for comfort, you’ve come to the wrong place.”
          “Nothing of the sort.”  She had come to ensure she and Chloe remained safe. 

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Julie Lence said...

Nice excerpt Kathleen! Already like Olivia.

kathleen Lawless said...

Thanks, Julie. I love writing second-chance romances.

Alicia Haney said...

Olivia sounds intriguing and like a very good page turner! thank you so much for sharing about it. I will be looking for it so that I can add it to my TBR list. I love the covers of both your books that will be releasing soon. Stay safe.

Caroline Clemmons said...

That's an intriguing excerpt, Kathleen. I love your covers, especially Olivia.