Thursday, August 20, 2020

Landry ~ By: Julie Lence

 I’m happy to announce my new release, Landry, Book 2 in the Jackson Creek Series.


Landry Barlow’s gambling and outlawing has garnered him the reputation of a menace, and a handful of enemies. But in sleepy Jackson Creek, his foremost concern isn’t someone gunning for him. His brother wants him to trade his saloon for a homestead, partner with him outfitting the army with horses. Raised in a bordello by a mother who valued her parlor more than him and deceived by another, Landry isn’t sure he’s meant to put down roots. But then, Nadine puts her faith in him and something inside awakens.

Camped for the night along the trail to western Texas, Nadine Harper’s father loses his footing in a gopher hole and breaks his leg. Nadine gets him to the nearest town, but the only business with a light glowing is the saloon. Swallowing her qualms, she barges inside the watering hole and freezes at the glint in the eyes of the heavily-muscled man barreling down on her. But when he loses his steeliness to take charge of her father, she’s swept up in the tingles peppering her skin. Dangerous and handsome, Landry is a man worth knowing.



“Spent some time on a Mississippi riverboat. Learned to waltz.” Landry glanced around the room. “Not a lot of space in here, but it’ll do.” He took her hand in his, set their feet moving in a square pattern.

“I know this waltz.” Nadine smiled. “Pa taught me at one of Mr. Smith’s barn dances.” She kept pace with him around the L-shaped area before the stove and sink.

“Who’d you dance with besides your pa?”

“Mr. Smith. Sometimes the sheriff.”

“Anyone your age?”

“No. I’ve never had a suitor.”

“You do now.” His blue eyes bore into her and her pulse quickened. “I’m a gambler and an outlaw. Not many folks cotton to that. If you do, you’ll be mine until you leave Jackson Creek.”

He pulled her flush against him and Nadine gasped.

“Before you say anything, some things you should know. I tolerate lies at the poker tables. They’re part of the game. I don’t tolerate lies away from the tables.”

“A-all right.” She shivered, and stepped out of his embrace.

“I grew up in a bordello. Ma was the owner. I know all about working girls, have Patsy and two more in my employ. I don’t mistreat them and I won’t mistreat you.” He caressed her cheek and some of her unease lessoned. “Won’t let anyone else hurt you, either.”

“Are you telling me this to scare me away? Or because you think I’ll lie to you?”

“Neither. Just want you to know who I am before you agree to let me kiss you again.” His fingers shifted to cup her jaw bone, squeezed gently. “I will kiss you again.”

I hope so! “If I promise to be truthful, do you promise the same?”

“I promise to tell you what you need to know. Some things aren’t safe for you to keep secret.”


“I’ve got enemies. Men who wouldn’t think twice to hurt you if they thought you could lead them to me. The less you know, the better.”

Can I not ask about the photograph?




If you haven’t read Book 1 in the series, check out Slade. He needs a place to hide until tempers calm, and although Jill’s barn looks to crumble down upon him any moment, it’s better than nothing.


“I’m sorry, darlin’. I’d never hurt you.” He hugged her tight. “I was out prowlin’ for your intru―coyote. Didn’t see you leave the house. Heard you open the barn door and…” he crushed her closer to his thick chest of muscle.

Cocooned in his arms, feeling his heart beat as erratic as hers, she slid her arms around his waist and held tight to him. Took comfort in the heat of his body seeping through her thin robe and nightgown into her skin. After a spell, her heartbeat eased, but her pulse continued to race. Slade was a big man. She remembered thinking he could crush a body. Or hold a woman tenderly. She couldn’t attest to her first thought, but the second was true. He held her gently, and with care.

Mmmm, she closed her eyes and savored the feel of his sinew. To fall asleep nestled against him and wake up in the same fashion… to taste his kisses and have him bestow on her the same reverence from this afternoon…

She snapped her eyes open, caught him staring down at her. With the aid of the moonlight shining behind her, she noted the stubble along his jaw, but the expression in his gaze was unreadable.

“Your trembles have ceased.” He grinned wickedly. “Let’s disturb them again.”

Without warning, he shifted her to sit upright, rested a large, calloused palm against her cheek and lowered his head, touched his lips to hers. Bright lights exploded behind her eyes. Moisture dampened her palms, and when she kissed him back, her trembles returned. The kind that robbed a girl of breath and made her heart sing. The kind that made her feel special. Wanted.

Excitement over these new sensations shimmied down her spine. But fast on its heels was scorn for her wanton behavior and a sobering truth. She pushed away from him, scrambled off his lap and ran for the door.

“Jill!” His voice cracked like a whip as he grabbed her elbow, halting her escape. “If you don’t like my kiss, say so. You don’t have to run away.”

“I…” she swallowed hard, felt her eyes mist. “Camille’s who you want to kiss. You settle for me because she’s sick.”


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Kristy McCaffrey said...

Congrats on the new release, Julie! Always fun to finally get a book done and out there. I look forward to reading it!

Julie Lence said...

Thank you Kristy!

Shanna Hatfield said...

Congrats, Julie! Looking forward to reading Landry!