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Chasing Time

 Hello, and welcome all you lovelies  xoxoxo. I’m thrilled you are here with me at Cowboy Kisses!

Today I’m going to take you on a little journey from Vampires (The Hemocil Society series) to “Chasing Time” previously “Tombstone Ghost Cowboy” series. 

I’m a Pieces born March 13th of 1961. And yes, my BIG Birthday is just around the corner. No, I’m not happy about the number,  however, I’m happy to be alive.❤️ Back to the point:Pieces are known to be dreamers, our heads in the clouds and also a tidbit Pschic. It’s true, Perhaps this is why I love a good romance. I’ve read them for years, paranormal, time travel, western, historical, and modern romance as long as the story has a happy ending I’m satisfied.

A few years ago I flew to Phoenix to visit my son, Jon Kyle and his family. While I was there he started talking about Tombstone and how it was proven to have paranormal activity, which intrigued me like he knew it would. He turned on the TV and showed me some Ghost Hunter shows that were mainly about The Bird Cage Theater. So, on a whim we decided to go to Tombstone. We got on line and rented a room at a hotel close to town. It was about a four hour drive and I enjoyed the view and my family.

It was late when we arrived in Tombstone, and Elijah, my grandson was tired, but Kyle and I were too excited to go to sleep. Tyler stayed at the hotel so she could put Elijah to bed. Kyle and I drove to town and walked Allen street. I couldn’t believe I was standing in Tombstone known as “the town to tough to die.” I had watched countless movies about this historical town as a child with my father. 

Gun fight at O.K. Corral was one of the first I can remember. One of my first crushes was Burt Lancaster as Wyatt Earp. My Darlene Clementine is where I fell for Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stuart. There were many more, to many to name. But I have to say Tombstone with Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, and Curt Russel as Wyatt Earp, and the incredibly sexy voiced Sam Elliot was my favorite. What’s not to like with that line-up of actors. 

After walking Allen Street we stopped at the Crystal Palace for a beer and a couple of games of pool. The bar was absolutely beautiful. Afterwards, we drove back to the hotel and made our plan for the next day. The first on our list was to tour the famous Bird Cage Theatre Museum. We wanted to spot a ghost! 

The next morning we had a wonderful homemade breakfast at the hotel before are trip to town. My mind was whirling. I planned to see, and learn, every thing I could before we had to leave later that night. On are tour through the Bid Cage we snapped endless pics hoping we would spot a ghost or two later when we hooked up to our PC. During the tour I got this peculiar feeling as I peered into the room it was said Wyatt Earp and Josephine had stayed in. At first it was just a room cluttered with old paraphernalia and a beautiful wood framed bed, but I blinked and then I spotted the sexy cowboy on the bed! It was as if he had just appeared there in the blink of an eye. And that’s where my story began spinning in my head. I couldn’t wait to start writing it down. 

My Vampires sat on a shelf since then lurking in the background waiting for me to return. There’s two more Mantango brothers whose stories need to be written, but they can wait for eternity. Time does not matter to them.

Tombstone Ghost Cowboy was the easiest book I had written to date. The words just spilled out of my characters. The Clark family became my family and I loved them all dearly. Kate was the mom to three grown children. Her husband John had died ten years before. His best friend Daniel became the Forman of the ranch and a confidant to Kate. He helped raise the children as if they were his own. 

Tucker is the oldest and he’s a Tombstone Marshal who’s always believed in the supernatural because of the stories his father had told him around the campfire late at night. When there was evidence that the story’s were true he planned his journey for the following year when the portal would open again. 

Then there’s Jesse a cattle rancher, gambler and some call him a womanizer. His heart was broken by Claire a woman who planned to have him killed after their wedding day. She wanted his money not his love. After that he had sworn off all proper women preferring the ladies of the night in the red district or at the Bird Cage instead. At least he knew his money is all they were after from the start. Then one night a beauty with long dark hair and mesmerizing eyes materialized into his rented room at the brothel. He was as shocked as she appeared to be.

Mariah is the youngest. She’s a handful, Spoiled, stubborn, smart and beautiful. Problem is she sticks her nose in her brothers business more then they would like. After traveling into the future she learned women won their rights in 1920. She went on the campaign road as soon as she returned home. She wanted her right to vote now not when she was old. Tucker’s best friend Little John helped Mariah with the campaign because he had promised Tucker he would while he was in the 21st century. His motives were his secret and nobody else’s business as far as he was concerned. 

I loved this series, but even after all the hard work and endless hours of writing them I knew they could be even better with the right help. My friend who is also an author told me about this man who had re-edited some of her books and gave me his name and email address. She was correct and Gerald L. Guy didn’t disappoint. The man is a miracle worker and I am so grateful to be working with him. He gave my Tombstone Ghost Cowboy series a second chance. I love the new name Chasing Time and the new covers. 

Below are some random pics of my old covers and new ones. There’s also a couple of old ads and some Tombstone pics. The Tombstone Ghost Cowboy series was in the first tense the Chasing Time series is not.

I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you next month!

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Hi Ruthie! What a fascinating story about your visit to Tombstone. I hope to visit one day. Glad you and your family had a great time. Hugs!