Monday, May 17, 2021

KEEPING PROSPERITY ALIVE By Kathleen Lawless @kathleenlawless

Mining has always been a dangerous occupation, but for Western Pioneers life presented so many dangers that one more hardly seemed relevant if it meant prosperity.  Gold and silver lured prospectors West, after which they discovered the value of copper, lead and zinc.  Boom towns flourished and fell as the mines prospered or petered out.

Trying to prevent such an occurrence and foster the longevity and prosperity of Bullet is top-of-mind for my hero Brody, the senior Mason brother in the series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  Unfortunately, Brody made a death bed promise to his dying uncle to keep the presence of copper on their ranch a secret.  But some things, like valuable minerals, can only stay buried for so long.  Especially as the demand for copper grew in the late 19th century with advancements in the electrical and telecommunication age.

This is how I picture the crew of miners who arrive in Bullet to work the mine.

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Meanwhile, I am super excited for everyone to meet Shane and Lacey from the Proxy Brides series.  A BRIDE FOR SHANE is brand new today.

Tuesday Teaser: 

“I’m not afraid of dying,” Shane told Jones, the smartly-dressed lawyer who had been a frequent visitor to his jail cell lately. 

   “Only a foolish man would die for something he didn’t do,” Jones said.  “And I don’t consider you a foolish man.”

  “Just unlucky,” Shane muttered.

  “Whoever stole those horses deserves to be the one staring down the hangman’s noose, not you.  The true thief will keep right on thieving, and get away with it because you took the fall.”

  “I don’t need to be rehabilitated,” Shane said stubbornly.  “I’ve got no truck with a bunch of stuffy church ladies going all preachy on me and minding my business.”

  “Taking on a wife will help prove to society that you’ve reformed,” the lawyer said.

  Shane half-snorted, half-laughed.  “Who’d marry me?”

  “Apparently, Lacey Collins has agreed to that honor,” Jones said drily.

  Shane straightened.  “Lacey Collins!  Why didn’t you say so in the first place?”

  “So, you agree?”

  “Heck, no.”  He tamped down the image of Lacey that drifted into the recesses of his memory.  A cascade of wavy dark auburn hair and a temper to match.  Beautiful, willful, and used to getting what she wanted.  As his best friend’s twin sister, Lacey was out of his league and completely off limits!

  “She’s agreed to save your sorry hide, allowing me time to find the real perpetrator and get you pardoned,” Jones continued.  “As long as the union isn’t consummated, it can be annulled later.”  The man gave him a closer look.  “Judging by your reaction, that doesn’t seem like it should be an issue.”

  Shane eyed him straight back.  Clearly, the lawyer had never met Lacey. 

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Julie Lence said...

I don't think I could've worked in a mine. We have one here in Cripple Creek where folks can take a tour... No thanks! But I admire those who do and those brave men who worked them long ago.

kathleen Lawless said...

So true, Julie. And with my claustrophobia, it would not have been a option for me.

Kara O'Neal said...

I do love mail-order bride stories! Thank you for sharing!

Marcia King-Gamble said...

You've got to write a story set in one of the brothels. One of my favorite things to do in Alaska is go on the brothel tours. The madams made a fortune from the men panning for gold.

M.J. Schiller, Romance Author said...

Marcia--they really have brothel tours? Interesting! I love the conflict that Brody faces that you described here. Can't wait to see how he solves it!

kathleen Lawless said...

Thanks for stopping by, Everyone. Marcia, the brothel tours sound like so much fun.

Caroline Clemmons said...

My father worked in a mind two weeks. He said he couldn't breathe, so I guess he's where I get my claustrophobia. I have a mine in one of my books and did a lot of research on coal mining. So glad I don't have to work in such a place. Good post, Kathleen.