Monday, July 19, 2021

Quantril’s Raiders

 In my new release, Olga, one young woman finds herself hiding from a group of Bushwhackers.  I'll be talking about those scoundrels later but did you know that Quantrill's Raiders are who spawned the Bushwhackers. 

If you aren't familiar with this infamous man here is a little bit about him. 

William Quantrill, a confederate guerrilla fighter during the civil war. Quantrill, born 1837- died 1865, joined a group of bandits raiding through Kansas and Missouri to quell the efforts of the Union Army. As emotions ran high over the war raids, battles, and killings became common during this time. 

Quatrill and his men were not only known for their raids but for the brutal attacks on civilians. They would raid a farm or town sweeping up supplies, horses, and cattle, and often killing any who would resist. 

Quantrill.jpgAlthough, the Confederate government had granted Quantill a field commission, they later withdrew there support for the man and his raiders due to his  brutal tactics. William Quantrill seemed to believe that the end, indeed, justified the means. At first the raiders were a large band under the direction of Quantrill but as time went on the man lot control of the band and they broke up into smaller raiders, bands, and Bushwhackers.

Men like the James brothers got there start with the Quantill raiders but soon went there own way and continued robbing backs as a form of insurgency. 

William Quatrill was mortally wounded in a skirmish with Union troops in May of 1865 and died later of his wounds. 

Even after the man's death, the raids continued growing the outlaw bands that became so famous in years to come. 

One of my favorite poems is spun from an encounter in Ohio of a young woman who hears that the raiders are coming and hides the livestock, including her most beloved horse, and the namesake of the poem. Kentucky Belle. 

In Olga's story Bushwhackers play a special role in her finding her own true love and letting her heart shine, but it doesn't go the way you might think and this fashion conscious young woman shows her truest self.  

Olga Fortuna loves pretty clothes, sewing, and anything to do with fashion. When her father brings her and her sisters to Needful, Texas to find husbands, she soon discovers that she enjoys making clothing for others more than the idea of wedded bliss.

For years, Olga has managed to have the highest fashions on a very tight budget, but now her mind is turning to the needs of a man she barely knows. Working for him is fun and Olga finds the attention of the handsome cowboy fun. Besides, Mr. Harker will be moving on soon leaving her to live a life of her choosing.

Will Olga be able to keep up the new shop she and the preacher’s petite wife have started in the tiny Texas town, or will she give up everything for a man with a rowdy past and too much time on his hands?


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Julie Lence said...

Interesting piece of History, Danni. Guess outlaws had to get their start somewhere, lol. Thank you for sharing!