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Is it really just a question of faith? ~ Lynn Landes

 What inspired my books? I’m often asked what inspires a book? Where do your ideas come from? The truth is they come from many places. Past experiences, dreams, bible verses, music… life. I think from now on I’ll answer with that one word- Life. 

I’ve recently joined with Magnolia Blossom Publishing and my first book with them is titled, “A Question of Faith.”

My main character faces infertility at a time in history where it was not spoken about. It was a shame carried in secret. Abbilene, my main character feels as though she failed her husband. Her marriage is a sham, her husband is never home. He travels to bring business for the family flour mill, and she’s left alone, in her shame. It is only after her husband’s death that the truth comes out and her faith is shaken to the core. 

I don’t mean to paint the pages of my book with my life experiences, but the truth is that without those past experiences the words are just words on a page. Words without meaning. 

Infertility in the 1800’s was a woman’s shame to carry. A childless woman was considered worthless, useless, and even considered that the infertility was a punishment for personal behavior. 

Harvard M.D. Edward Clark warns that heavy mental activity (schooling) in tender teenage years may wreck a young woman's reproductive system: "The results are monstrous brains and puny bodies ... If the reproductive machinery is not manufactured then, it will not be later. If it is imperfectly made then, it can only be patched up, not made perfect, afterwards ... The brain cannot take more than its share without injury to other organs.”

My puny body went on to deliver two very healthy babies after five years of infertility. Thankfully, infertility is now seen as a medical condition not a punishment for some horrific crime. Speaking from personal experience guilt is a burden I carried during my own walk with infertility and miscarriages. I now understand that is because it wasn’t spoken about. My character Abbilene carries her shame in silence until she is forced to face it. The result is a touching story of hope and faith. Life doesn’t always happen the way we script it in our minds. If we maintain our faith and continue on the results are often more beautiful than we could have imagined! 


A Question of Faith


Is it really just a question of faith?


     Abbilene loses her husband and her dreams in a fire that destroys her family flour mill. The town is crying out for answers, and the mayor promises justice. During the reading of her husband's will, Abbilene’s faith is tested when she discovers the true depths of his betrayal. She will inherit the mill and the money to rebuild if she adopts his son, left in an orphanage in San Francisco. The son no one knew existed! How can she love a child her husband fathered with another woman?


     Tucker Manning, childhood friend, and Sheriff, is ordered by the mayor to uncover the truth of the explosion that took eight lives. He doesn’t believe the rumors around town about Abbilene and Sterling, her husband’s cousin. Could the woman he grew up with have planned and plotted to get rid of her husband and inherit the mill? The past has shown him that some women aren’t to be trusted, but Abbie is different. Isn’t she?


     There are those who do not want the mill rebuilt and seek to stop Abbie at all costs. Even if that means harming a child. With Tucker at her side, they must retrieve the child and return home to finalize his adoption. 


What happens when a young lady’s life is turned upside down by betrayal and lies? Will she open her heart or slam the door on the future God has planned for her? My new novel explores the power of the human heart to love. Love in new, unexpected ways and the blessings that come when we trust the Lord’s plan for our life. 


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