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November is National Native Heritage Month so this post will be about the indigenous people who inhabited and still inhabit Colorado.  My fascination with early people and civilizations began at a very early age. From the moment I heard the word Aztec, I was on the hunt for everything I could find on them. This led to finding other early civilizations. This love of and need to understand the history never left. 

After moving to Colorado, the desire to know has taken me down some interesting roads, both literally and figuratively. Diving up Boreas Pass one fall I looked out over the area and wondered what it was like for the early dwellers in the area. Did they stay in that valley? These questions are the meat of an author's life. 

The early indigenous people have left us some mysteries, and so much more. Here are some I find fascinating.

1. Mesa Verde

2. Dinosaur National Momument

3. Prayer Trees.

Most know that Mesa Verde is located in the southwest part of the state near the New Mexico, Arizona border. This cliff dwelling site was established by congress and Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. It is the largest archeological preserve in the United States. A visit there takes you back. The site was used as early as 7500BC to about 1250AC. 

The Dinosaur National Monument in the northwest part of the state is located on the border of Colorado and Utah. It was designated a National Monument in 1915 by Woodrow Wilson. The Fremont people inhabited the area from 200 to 1300. It is here you will find the Petroglyphs and Pictographs of the Fremonts.  

The Black Forest area northeast of Colorado Springs has what are called Ute Prayer Trees. These are modified trees whose use is still under investigation. 

For more information on the above places that fascinate me, check out the links below.

Dinosaur Monument Petroglyphs

Dinosaur National Monument

Ute Prayer Tree Video

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Julie Lence said...

I did not know about the Prayer Trees in Black Forest, or Fox Run Park. Will have to pay closer attention next time kiddo and I drive up that way. Thanks, Doris!

Renaissance Women said...

I found them fascinating. We never know what's in our backyard, do we? Doris