Thursday, February 17, 2022

Brown Gargle


One of the most popular drinks of the era was coffee, also referred to as brown gargle. Coffee—or brown gargle—was every bit as popular as whiskey in the Old West. Maybe more so.

In 1863, Sharps Rifles had even manufactured a few trial carbines with a coffee grinder that had a removable handle built into the stock. (This may have been used for grinding more than just coffee.)

Arbuckles was considered the original cowboy coffee. Out on the trail, whether it was rounding up cattle or horse thieves, the cowboy needed that extra jolt of caffeine and a strong, aromatic cup of coffee provided it.

The Arbuckle brothers were the first to sell roasted beans in one-pound bags instead of selling it green, and in bulk, where the cowboys on the range would have to roast the beans in a skillet over an open fire. As an enticement, peppermint sticks were often included with the package.

On the trail drives the cooks kept the coffee flowing. If available water was too acidic, they would break an egg and add it to the pot. Some cooks added salt to reduce the bitterness. I add vanilla to my ground coffee. No doubt, the cowboys of old would have thought me quite the wimp. Keeper Tyree likes his coffee robust and full-bodied, just like he likes his women. 



Keeper Tyree is an aging bounty hunter who lives by his own set of rules. He’s a hard man, but he’s just, and his word is his bond. He’s a loner and likes it that way. Then Cathleen O’Donnell catapults into his life looking to hire his gun. Josiah Pardee has killed her boy, and she’s out for vengeance. Somehow all his hard and fast rules, including working alone and minding his own business, crumbles in the face of the immovable widow he now works for. He finds himself rescuing soiled doves, a myopic bookworm more suited to city life than the Wild West, and an hombre being dragged to death by angry cardplayers as he tracks down the murdering sidewinder Josiah Pardee. 

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Sandra Cox



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So good to see you have featured Sandra and her latest novel today. I much prefer coffee to whiskey and love the way she used the phrase brown gargle in this book.

Julie Lence said...

Hi Sandra! Thank you sharing about coffee. Most of what you mentioned, I didn't know and am now better with more knowledge. Hugs, and welcome to the group. We're blessed to have you with us!

Birgit said...

Congrats on your book being touted here. Who wouldn’t love a ruggedly handsome cowboy:). I had no idea about coffee back in the day. I am a rarity as I don’t drink coffee.

D.L. Finn said...

I learned a lot there today about coffee :) Interesting thinking of them having to pan roast it be they could buy it roasted. I'm a tea person, only because coffee and I don't get along anymore, I still enjoy it's aroma! I'm a huge fan of Keeper Tyree and loved seeing Keeper and Sandra here today!

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Tell Keeper I'm robust and full bodied. LOL. He's one sexy character.

Excellent post. So much I didn't know!!

Sandra Cox said...

Elizabeth, Thanks so much for coming by. It means a lot.
Hey Julie, Whatever I can do to help. Heh. Thanks for commenting.
Hey Birgit, I'm so glad you stopped by. Are you a tea or soda drinker? I find myself drinking more and more tea these days.
Denise, It's a lot easier to have a cup today for sure. You can't beat the smell of fresh brewed coffee can you? Sorry it doesn't agree these days. Thanks so much for stopping by. Appreciate ya.
Liz, you are so funny:) Thanks for stopping by:)