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There Really Was a Long Branch Saloon


There Really Was a Long Branch Saloon


Remember Miss Kitty and the Long Branch Saloon? Well, I don’t know about Miss Kitty but there really was a Long Branch Saloon.  It came about because of a bet placed between soldiers and cowboys. The cowboys and soldiers were playing ball. If the soldiers lost to the cowboys, they agreed to provide materials to build a saloon. They lost. Hence the building of the Long Branch in 1874.


Unlike the rowdy, free-wheeling establishments that most saloons are portrayed as, the Long Branch was a tasteful institution with a five-piece orchestra that played every night. Besides beer (Anheuser Busch) and whiskey, it also served champagne, milk, sarsaparilla and lemonade.  

     Though a classy establishment, the Long Branch saw its share of fights. The most famous: the gunfight between Levi Richardson and Frank Loving (both gamblers and gunmen), over Loving’s wife, resulting in Richardson’s death. 

There were fifteen other saloons in Dodge during the cattle drive era’s hay-day, but none nearly so well known or popular.

Today you can find a replica of the Long Branch in the historical Boot Hill Museum located at the site of the original Boot Hill Cemetery in Dodge City, KS. 



Live entertainment includes: gunfights, Miss Kitty singing and Can-Can girls dancing. Besides the Long Branch, there’s a gift shop and general store in the museum.

Sounds like a fun place to visit, doesn’t it? Maybe I’ll see you there.


For more cowboy trivia:


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Elephant's Child said...

The Long Branch sounds like a very classy establishment indeed, but not without its share of problems.
Huge congratulations to Sandra.

Julie Lence said...

I did not know that. Thank you for sharing, Sandra. Hugs!

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I would love to visit the saloon!

Is this a new story? I don't think I've read it and will have to get a copy.

T.K. Conklin said...

Awesome tidbit of history. I never knew it was a real place.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sandra - interesting history about Dodge City ... while your story sounds a fun read - all the best ... Hilary

Sandra Cox said...

Entirely my pleasure, Julie:)
T.K. Who'd a thought. Right? Thanks for reading and commenting.
Thanks for stopping by, Hils. I appreciate ya.

Sandra Cox said...

EC, Indeed. Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate ya.
Hey Elizabeth, We'll have to go together.
TumbleStar has been out awhile. I appreciate the interest:)