Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Living part-year in Jackson, Wyoming, it’s fairly easy for me to pick up magazines concerned with the West on any newsstand there.  But back in New York, well, that’s a different matter as one can imagine.  And why would I—or any of my fellow authors writing westerns or western romance—want these magazines?  Because they are an absolute wealth of information!
Take True West. If you're writing about the historical west, True West provides a load of ideas for background, setting, and complementary historical facts.  Recent articles dealt with Wild Bill Hickok; the difference between buckaroos, vaqueros, and cowboys; General Custer; and the photographs of Edward Curtis.  It also has articles regarding lesser-known western tales, such as that of the Power brothers, jailed for draft evasion for over forty years.  In addition, if you’re planning your western explorations for the summer, it has travel information, plus recipes, book reviews, and auction listings with a wealth of info on Old West firearms.
Cowboys and Indians reminds me of the glossy magazines one often finds in resort hotel rooms. While this magazine seems to concentrate heavily on western arts and design, it is a terrific way of keeping up with what’s happening out west if you either don’t live there or don’t get around very much.  For anyone writing contemporary westerns, it proves an excellent supplement.  This month had articles on Kevin Costner’s new TV series, Yellowstone, as well as an article on Yellowstone Park itself. There’s always a list of forthcoming events in western states, and it keeps you abreast of western films and TV programs.
Western Horseman is a gem of a magazine.  I only recently discovered this one, but what a find! Not only does it have some cowboys you can drool over, but for the writer of contemporary western fiction/romance, it really is the best complement.  Need to know a cattle disease for your ranch?  How about what bit your hero will be putting on the mare he’s saddling up for the heroine? You get the idea:  it has a ton of info the non-rancher/writer can use.
There are a few others that might be of use, such as Wild West, which is similar to True West but comes out less frequently, but the above three are my personal favorites. If you’re considering a subscription, I strongly recommend ordering it through your local newsstand first.  Each magazine contains a subscription postcard, which had a lower rate than the rates I’ve found online. Generally, the subscriptions are around $29.95 a year—tax deductible to authors, I believe.
On the other hand, if your light reading happens to be a western romance novella, mosey on over to for my Bad Boy, Big Heart, Book 1 of the Heart of the Boy duo. 

(previously in Come Love a Cowboy) When New Yorker & college student K.C. Daniels meets high-school drop-out, rodeo star Chay Ridgway, sparks fly.  But is Chay the ‘bad boy’ he’s made out to be? And will this just be a summer romance or a love for all time? From InD'Tale Magazine:
". . . One cannot help but instantly fall in love with the characters, feel their connection and share the struggle they face. . . the writing is beautifully vivid and the characters likable, with a plot that any romance lover could easily sink their teeth into."  Get your copy now at
And now Part 2 has just been released:  

(previously published in A Cowboy to Keep), this stand-alone novella continues the story of K.C. and Chay. Now in New York while K.C. finishes her studies, can Chay survive? Can K.C. keep a rein on Chay’s heart or will the wide-open spaces of Wyoming call this country boy home?

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mustangs Still Run Free

by Heather Blanton

And I'm not talking about the BLM Round-ups. On a recent trip to South Dakota with my sister, we discovered the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. The place is awe-inspiring, the horses jaw-dropping, and the dedication of the volunteers humbling.

In short, this preserve protects 700+ Mustangs on a little over 13,000 acres in southern South Dakota.
There are also 200 head of red Angus so the ranch can benefit from some government grants. Wild horses alone don't qualify. They're considered feral animals.

Imagine 700 horses that have never been saddled. The herd contains actual Spanish ponies, descendants of Cortes' foray into the Southwest. There are also a few Choctaw ponies the reserve is trying to bring back. And there are dozens of the striking smoky-blue gray grulla horses. You can tour the ranch (which I highly recommend) and interact with the horses. You can also sponsor horses. Or you can just flat-out donate. With a feed bill of one million dollars, they won't turn your money away.

If you are ever in the state, anywhere in the state, make the trip. Go see the Mustangs. You can find out more about them here!
A little Choctaw Indian Pony with my seester Dawn
Our guide showing us the basin where the main part of the ranch sits.

Some of the horses were sweet. Some, not so much.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Cowboys, Rodeo, and an Anthology by Paty Jager

I returned from the 2nd annual Wild Deadwood Reads this past week. It was a fun three days of interacting with readers and writers. But I would have to say the best part of the whole experience has to be being a part of the Wild Deadwood Reads Anthology.

Seventeen authors wrote short stories that are all set in Deadwood, South Dakota either present day or historically. And there are even a couple that have paranormal elements in them. I've read the whole book and every story is fun, fresh, and interesting.

The best part about the anthology is that all proceeds go to the Western Sports Foundation. This is an organization that came out of the Ride Relief Fund. The organization helps rodeo cowboys when they become injured.  Other sports have medical and such built into their large salaries. The rodeo cowboy not only has to pay to be in an event, he has to pay for any injuries he sustains. That's where WSF comes in.

Talking with Jake West
I had the pleasure of meeting Jake West, the executive director for the organization at the Deadwood PBR rodeo Friday and Saturday night. He hung out at the table where the authors of the anthology were selling print books during the rodeo. He gave us even more insights into the organization and how we could help sell more anthologies.  He is sending us a list of PBR events that WSF will have a booth at and the authors of the anthology who live close enough to attend will be in the booth signing the books and other items they come up with. I'll be at the Nampa, ID event.

Here is the info on the anthology. Grab a copy and help a great cause!

Rodeos and romance, Old West adventure, and even a few ghostly tales. Deadwood's wild past and exciting present come alive in seventeen original short stories written by USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors to benefit the Western Sports Foundation. Contributing authors: E.E. Elisabeth BurkeZoe BlakePaty Norman JagerTeresa KeeferMegan KellySylvia McDanielAmanda McIntyrePeggy McKenzieAngi MorganNancy NaigleJacqui NelsonTerri OsburnGinger RingMaggie RyanLizbeth SelvigTina Susedik and A.C. Wilson
Proceeds from this limited edition collection go to benefit the Western Sports Foundation, an organization providing critical assistance to athletes competing in Western lifestyle sports. Whether they need help recuperating from an injury or planning for the future, WSF is there for them.
Here are the links to the book to order at the various retailers.

Zoe Blake
She was his...and it was past time he staked his claim.
Jessamine Cooper was determined to stay independent and run her late uncle's ranch on her own. When she shows up in Deadwood with an ill-advised plan to win the money she needs playing poker, Cash decides it is past time for him to stake his claim.
E.E. Burke
A friendship that never died.
Calamity Jane is drawn back to Deadwood by a force more powerful than death, and becomes an unexpected savior in the midst of an epidemic.
Paty Jager 
Everyone deserves a chance.
When a miner tosses his daughter into the pot at a poker game and the winner is a brothel owner, Beau Gentry is determined to keep the young woman out of the man’s hands.
Teresa Keefer
Can a preacher's daughter play poker with a gambler and win?
Leticia Chasteen was always getting dragged into situations she didn't want to be in. Rusty McGraw the gambler was always coming to her rescue. Who will end up with the winning hand?
Megan Kelly
He loves her. She loves him. A proposal should be good news, right?
Callie Jones never wanted to date a bull rider. Now she’s fallen in love with Rome Anderson, who’s intent on winning the PBR Championship buckle. When he asks her to marry him, she has to decide: Does she break his heart with a no or doom her future with a yes?
Sylvia McDaniel
Is it possible to love someone in another time? Are dreams real?
Sadie Mae Miller is hanging up her barrel racing crown and beginning a new life. But when her grandmother asks her to sleep under a new wedding ring quilt with promises of visions of the love of her life, she doesn’t quite believe her. Until she falls asleep. Only problem is, he lived in 1880. Does time separate the lovers?
Amanda McIntyre
Sometimes to find your future you must face the past.
Past and present meld together in Deadwood when a woman who discovers true love must fight to escape a deadly twist of fate.
Peggy McKenzie
Sometimes, love is hiding in the most peculiar places.
Major Lucas Hamilton, widower and father of four boys, insists on the disciplined order of a regimented household. But when a bumbling young woman falls at his feet, will he take a chance on her or send her packing before she burns his house down to the ground.
Angi Morgan
Teenage crush or true love. You decide.
Sean Maverick is on a charity auction block until a beautiful woman from his past buys him for the night. Em Stone believed in love at first sight even if she had to lasso and knock Sean off his feet.
Nancy Naigle
Always a bridesmaid, never a bride? Never say never.
Kendra is fine with being a bridesmaid. She hung up her wedding hopes and dreams eight years ago when her cowboy chose the rodeo over her, but when these two cross paths in Deadwood it looks like the timing just might be right for a reconciliation.
Jacqui Nelson
In a gold rush storm, can an unlikely pair rescue each other?
Raven wants to save one person. Charlie wants to save the world. Their warring nations thrust them together but duty pulled them apart—until their paths crossed again in Deadwood for a fight for love.
Terri Osburn
When it comes to love, sometimes falling is the easy part.
Aspyn Fielding blames Tucker Stargill for not talking her brother, Colt, out of riding bulls. When Colt is gravely injured during a ride, Aspyn is hopeful Tucker will finally see things her way, but Aspyn is the one who has a change of heart.
Ginger Ring
Finding the perfect results from one simple test.
Orphaned at a young age, both Adam and River yearn to find a living relative from either of their families. After finally deciding to put down roots in Deadwood, a simple DNA test brings a result that is more than they ever expected.
Maggie Ryan
There may be gold in the Black Hills, but Bennett had his eyes on a far more valuable prize.
Not one to be deterred by the dictates of society, Lorelai Samuels had a dream to open a restaurant in the bustling new town of Deadwood and no one was going to stand in her way, especially not the infuriatingly handsome and stubborn Bennett Redding.
Lizbeth Selvig
Win or lose, she’s about to take on the big boys.
Faith “Rabbit” Redmond forms an extreme plan at the Deadwood rodeo to convince a champion bull rider that women can excel at the dangerous sport. If she wins his respect, she might also win his love. .
Tina Susedik
Can a schoolmarm with dreams of a better life, fall for a disreputable man?
Suzanna Lindstrom travels as a schoolmarm in fledgling Deadwood. Having left her parents’ struggling farm, she dreams of a better life in Deadwood with a man who’s struck it rich in the gold fields. Fresh off the stagecoach, she meets Kingston Winson, whom she disregards as disreputable. Is he who she thinks he is? What lesson will she learn?
A.C. Wilson
Tricks inspire courage and new love while daring others to dream.
Pushed to choose a direction for her life, Tandi discovers that some crossroads are necessary. Surprisingly, each marker leads her to an arena of spectators with her talented horse and a handsome guy who gives her hope to do the impossible.

Paty Jager is an award-winning author of 30+ novels, dozen novellas, and many short stories of murder mystery and western romance. All her work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters. Paty and her husband raise alfalfa hay in rural eastern Oregon. Riding horses and battling rattlesnakes, she not only writes the western lifestyle, she lives it.
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