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Horses- much needed in the Old West- today there is a great need for rescues #ASMSG by Kathleen Ball

Horses- much needed in the Old West- today there is a great need for rescues #ASMSG by Kathleen Ball

My last series Cowboy Seasons highlighted to need for rescue horses. I did a lot of research but it wasn't until I rescued a few myself that I realized just how cruelly some horses are treated.

A few weeks ago I got an urgent message about a man who had collected a great many horses and was going to sell them south of the border. He bought them at auction, from Craig's list and ads in the papers. His purpose- buy low- $25.00 or sometimes free and sell to slaughter houses in Mexico.

He wouldn't give them up but he was willing to sell them to buyers. This is Sparrow I paid 250.00 for her to live

She's only three years old. They had to use a hoist to get her to the Crossfire Rescue. She is finally in my and my daughter in law's care. She didn't even know what a treat was and refused them. Finally when she thought no one was looking she timidly checked one out and ate it. 

This is Ellie a pregnant mare the man was going to sell over the border. I paid to save her life too.

There is nothing wrong with her but when the man caught wind the rescue was determined to get all the horses out- he started raising the prices. I can't wait to see what her foal looks like.

Both horses arrived here on Thursday and it was such a relief to see  they both made it. Seeing Sparrow in person brought tears to my eyes. I have never seen a horse so malnourished before. The vet said if it had gone on much longer her organs would have shut down. 

Horses live a pretty long life. They are not pets you can just discard or throw away. I'm just glad Sparrow and Ellie now have a forever home and will be much loved.


Ellie with my Granddaughter

I wish I could save them all but it's not cheap to board and feed a horse. I'm just grateful there are a lot of people out there who have made it their mission to save these horses.  

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