Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Imagine Life Without All Those Modern Conveniences by Ginger Simpson

Imagine, if you can, living without all the conveniences you've come to expect.  Picture this:

You need something from the store, so you jet out to the garage and find a horse and wagon.  Instead of jumping into an air-conditioned or heated vehicle, putting it in gear, and making a quick jaunt to the store, you have to hitch up the horse, climb aboard the wagon, and head off for the nearest "mercantile," which is probably a day's ride away on a bumpy dirt trail.  No listening to a radio or adjusting your seat for comfort.  :)

Of course, the wind and sun can dry your hair if need be, because you won't have a blow dryer on hand.  I hope you have curly hair, since you also will be missing that curling iron you've come to depend upon.  Don't worry'll most likely have some rags on hand to tie your hair into curls when you get home.

T-Shirt and yoga pants?  Uh uh.  This ain't a Walmart you're headin' to.  You'll have to dress appropriately before you go.  That means an early rise because depending on the weather, you'll want to beat the heat, and since you'll have to don your corset, petticoats and dress, getting ready takes a little longer than you're used too. 

 The old west would be right in sync now since panty hose wouldn't be an option.  Be prepared to put on those long stockings of yore and then find your button hook to fasten your shoes/boots.  AND...if you care about your complexion, you'll not forget your bonnet.  Remember, this is not your usual convertible.  *lol*

All the conveniences time has given us weren't available a century or more ago.  Cars, highways, tunnels through mountains, safe enclosure from the weather, stores that had carts to push and aisles to meander through, and the computer I'm typing on right now weren't even a glimmer on the horizon.  Well, perhaps the car was. 

Once in the mercantile, you'll just step up to the counter and request all the goods you want.  If you're lucky, you'll just have a running tab. I'm pretty sure they didn't have grocery bags back then, so imagine carrying out 5 pounds of flour, sugar, a bunch of jars and some salt pork the clerk managed to wrap for you.  Ah, you'll miss those Walmart days.  :)

Note:  All these images were "borrowed" from Google Images.  If they are subject to Copyright, I'm sure I'll hear and prompty remove them.  :)

If you want a peek into what is would be like without all your might be interested in Time-Tantrums.  (Note:  Previously published as Sisters in Time.) The story is about a pioneer woman and a modern day female attorney who switch places and time.  While one is terribly upset, the other is thoroughly amazed.  You can find the book on Amazon.

Cover by Michele Lee


Caroline Clemmons said...

Your post is so right, Ginger. While I love reading and writing about that time period, I am glad I didn't live then.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Caroline. I often wonder if I would be strong enough to survive back then and about that time something I count on breaks and I get my answer. :) I appreciate your comment.