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U.S. Marshals of the Wild, Wild West

Breaking the law with the

I've always had a thing for a man in uniform, especially policemen so I thought it might be interesting to research U.S. Marshals of the West, specifically the 1800's.  It actually looks like lawmen date back to the late 1700's.

When I think of U.S. Marshals, I automatically picture weathered cowboys riding the range or chasing outlaws in a gunfight and in reality they really did do those things.  I think I was born in the wrong era lol.  I do know it was a rough life, however they really didn't know any different.  Oh to learn the ways of the old west.

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Let's start with a brief timeline:

Until the creation of the Secret Service in 1865, Marshals were frequently called upon to pursue counterfeiters.

1865 - 1900:  U.S. Marshals were instrumental in keeping law and order in the "Old West" era and involved in apprehending desperadoes such as the Dalton Gang, Bill Doolin, and Ned Christie. 

October 26 - Tombstone, Arizona Territory - Marshal Virgil Earp and his deputies, brothers Wyatt and Morgan Earp, and Doctor John H. Holliday, gunned down Frank and Tom McLaury, and Billy Clanton in a vacant lot just down the street from the O.K. Corral.1881

1896 : July 1 - The fee system of paying Marshals was abolished.  The Marshals were put on annual salary.

1917:  Marshals and World War I: While American troops fought in the trenches of Europe, United States Marshals protected the home front against enemy aliens, spies, and saboteurs. 

*There's alot more but i only wanted to focus on the 1800's primarily.   

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Type of badge from the 1880's.

During the 1880's & 1890's Marshals also carved badges out of coins

This picture is listed as just a few of the 
U.S. Marshals of Garvin County, OK.

Lawmen of Dodge City and Ford County, Kansas
(which includes Wyatt Earp front row, 2nd from left)
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Earp Brothers & Doc Holiday

Any of these that you would like to go back in time and meet?  I think i'd be particularly interested in meeting Wyatt Earp.

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