Wednesday, May 3, 2017

More Cowboy Slang (and Humor)

Cowboys have a colorful slang. Here are some more terms to keep you entertained:

Advertisin’ a leather shop: a tenderfoot dressed up in aggerated leather ‘trimmins’, such as boot, chaps and cowhide vests

Airin’ the lungs: cussing

Base-burner: a drink of whiskey

Blue lightin’: a six gun

Down to the blanket: said of someone almost cleaned out

Educated thirst: a man who drinks champagne or fancy mixed drinks

Fly: a sheet stretched at the end of the chuck wagon to make shade for the cook

Gravel in his gizzard: courage or a brave man

Ivories: poker chips

Nice kitty: nickname for a skunk
On the dodge: hiding from the law

Peewees: boots with short tops

Quirly: a cigarette

Ranahan: a top hand or an efficient cowboy

Rib wrenches: spurs

Scratching gravel: climbing up a steep bank on horseback

Seraglios: a herd of wild mares with stallion

Shootin’ em out: getting cattle out of the corral an onto the range

Texas butter: gravy

Top Railer: man who sits on the top rail of the corral and advises who should do the work and take risks

Velvet couch: a bedroll

Went up to fork a cloud: a rider thrown high from his horse


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