Monday, June 10, 2019

Writers Are -- Different

by Laura Drake

     Most women I know worry that they’ll be in a car accident, wearing ‘old lady panties’.
While researching private mental health clinics online this morning, I reminded myself to clear my browsing history before I die. People could get the wrong impression.
     We writers are different than other people.
     I’m currently ‘living’ in my work-in-progress. When my husband told me of a long conversation we had earlier in the week that I have zero recollection of,  the look he gave me made me realize how odd we must seem to the ones we love.
      I canvassed my author friends. Turns out, I’m not alone.

When I was writing one of my first novel after my day job, my husband walked into the computer room. He asked if I was going to make dinner. I answered, "When it's dinner time."
"It's eight o'clock. Guess I'll have cornflakes again." He turned and walked out.
                                    Fae Rowen


I got a call from homeland security a few months ago. I was researching "can you get sick from eating human flesh", then searched pressure cookers, then bought a body bag for my book trailer video shoot.

They were like, ‘we just wanted to make sure someone wasn't using your IP address.’


The other day I was fixing my son's lunch before school. I’d gotten up early to get a writing session in before the craziness started. My husband and son and were at the table having breakfast. Apparently I stopped in mid sandwich prep and waved the knife around then said, “So that’s what happens next!”
I hear a quiet, “Um, mommy, what happens next?”
My husband counseled, “Don’t disturb her, she’s talking to someone else.”
                                                Orly Konig-Lopez


I learned as a young child that most people don't have people who live in their head chatting away, so after seven years old or so, I stopped talking about it. And I stopped talking to them out loud. I was thrilled (THRILLED I tell you) when I went to my first RWA conference and the luncheon speaker talked about the people in her head. I think I cried when I realized I wasn't alone.

Early this spring my husband read a book of mine and wanted to know who these people were. How did I know them so well? Were they based on anyone we knew, because he couldn't find people like them among our friends and family. For the first time in our nearly twenty years together, I mentioned I have a bunch of characters up there. He freaked out, a little. Just last week, he asked if there were really people up there. I said yes, and we moved on to something else.

I'm not totally crazy, I promise. Wait, that's what people say to stay out of the funny farm....


My family especially loves when we're on vacation or at a restaurant and I'm trying to get information out of my husband who is a judge. I'll say 'how much time could I get for murdering…." or "If I killed so-and-so would this be admissible evidence?" I don't' even notice the odd looks we get anymore.
Rebecca Forster


Back in high school when we all went to 'hang out' at the mall. I was always wondering what other people were thinking. We'd be sitting and eating and I'd be, "I wonder what those two are saying to each other." My friends started calling me Wonderlee instead of Marilee.


Actual text between Brynley Bush and her daughter Lyn:

“Is it wrong that I’m currently Googling ‘How to Fake Your Own Death’?
“If someone ever looks at your search history, you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do.”
“I’ll have to show you later. I’ve moved into a fake murder series.”
“Because that’s normal.”
Brynley Bush



Laura Drake's latest release, The Last True Cowboy, was chosen by Amazon's Editorial Board as a Best Book of the Month in December. Her next in the series, Home at Chestnut Creek, is out July 2, but is available for pre-order now.

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Julie Lence said...

As soon as my head hits the pillow, I hear conversations between my characters, see them moving around and get a gander at the decor behind them. As soon as I get up to write it down, it all disappears, lol. Great blog, Laura. Nice to know I'm not alone when it comes to characters.

Alicia Haney said...

This is so very interesting, how authors have so many friends and how their characters come about in and out of their lives. Sounds like you all stay pretty busy, I am not an author, and things are a little out of the ordinary with me also. :) Thank you for sharing this, i enjoyed it. God Bless you all.

Kristy McCaffrey said...

This is so funny. I can totally relate.