Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Post by Doris McCraw
writing as Angela Raines

As some of you know, Prairie Rose Publications released a collection of stories in the book "Hot Western Nights". I was fortunate to have my story 'Duty' included in the collection along with some great authors. Each story is a wonderful read, yet each one is unique. All take place in the West, but after that, it was up to each author to tell the 'spicy' story that was in their heart.

The downside to shorter works is the limited word count. There is not always room to include background information. To remedy that, I thought it might be fun to interview one of the characters from my story. The one who popped up in my head first was the hero, Dan Loomis. So without further ado here is a short interview I had with this dashing man.

First off, what is your name and where are you from?

My name is Daniel James Loomis, but I go by Dan. As to where I'm from, I consider myself a man of the West but was born on the East Coast.

Do you have a favorite childhood memory?

When my real father was alive, we used to take rides into the country. I especially loved the fall with all the leaves turning different colors and the picnics we would have.

Back to your answer to the first question, why do you consider yourself a man of the West?

In the West, you can be whoever you chose to be. There is a freedom to create, to learn, to be. The key is, you can't just live there and expect everything to work out. You learn your actions have consequences, which aren't good or bad, they just are. That means you can be your own person, your choices and actions make you. I like that kind of freedom.

What kind of woman is your ideal woman?

You should know that you've met her. Haven't you read your own story?

My, you have a sense of humor, don't you?

Of course, it isn't always on show, but it's there.

I have a question from an author friend, are you willing to answer that one?

I think I can handle that.

What on earth did you do to end up in her book? (She means my story)

I understand what she means. Let's just say when I realized what story you were going to tell, and who my heroine would be, I just had to pop into your head. As you know, the story Miranda and I tell is exactly the perfect story for us. (And I love the ending, thank you.)

Thank you Dan, and speaking of your story, I'm adding a link so others can read it too.

Great idea. Enjoy my story, folks.

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I hope all of you enjoyed my interview with Dan Loomis, hero of the story, 'Duty' in the above collection of spicy stories.

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Julie Lence said...

Great interview with Dan!

Renaissance Women said...

Thank you, Julie. HE said some things I wasn't expecting. (Smile) Doris

Rhonda Frankhouser Books said...

Very cool interview. I’m doing a character interview this week too. I love how you worked it. Very cool.

Oscar Case said...

Fine interview, short and sweet.

Renaissance Women said...

Rhonda, thank you for the kind words. It was a fun interview to do. I look forward to reading yours. Doris

Renaissance Women said...

Oscar Case, I prefer shorter interviews. Some can just get too weighty. Doris

Elizabeth Clements said...

Doris, you are a delight! What a clever idea to interview the hero of your book. I loved his sassy retort when you asked that question about what kind of woman he likes. Of course you leave this writer wanting to hear more! I'm so happy Cheryl put together this delightful anthology and that I can rub shoulders with you and the other ladies. Do you think Miranda will feel left out that you didn't interview her, too?

Cher'ley said...

Fun interview.

Renaissance Women said...

Elizabeth, Miranda will get her chance a bit later. I will say Dan surprised me with a couple of his answers. Doris

Renaissance Women said...

Thank you Cher'ley. Doris