Sunday, March 21, 2021

Cowboy Hunter’s

 Hello, I’m Ruthie and am so glad you joined me on Cowboy Kisses today❤️

Happy Spring! 

First of all I’m happy to announce after two and a half long months of hard work are tile project is finally finished! All that’s left is redecorating. Some old with some new. It’s better than I expected and the new woodwork finished it off perfectly. I am so blessed to have a husband and son who are able to do anything in the home that is needed. 


I was surfing the web yesterday and came across this picture with the quote from Woodrow F Call. He was one of my favorite characters in the short series ‘Lonesome Dove.’ He was proud and stubborn to the bone. He was a hard working, honest, loyal, no-nonsense kind of man. I guess that’s what attracts me to Cowboy’s. Of course the hat, boots, and toned body might be a big part of it too!

This got me wondering how other women would respond if I asked them what makes women so attracted to Cowboys? So, I did. I jumped on Facebook and private messenger. Below are some of the answers I received. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did❤️ 



I don’t give a damn attitude 

The way they saunter into a room, lol, and the way they saunter out of a room as well.

Their love for horses

Their manners

Provider, A cowboy is a farmer or rancher. If they can run a farm or ranch they can provide for you.

Wild spirit



Tight fitting blue jeans

A farm usually raises a man who is hard working and adaptable. Able to figure out solutions to problems, can work with other people, willing to help others, willing to accept help, smart, intuitive, respectful, the muscles are a nice plus. My farm guy amazes me every day.:)

I would say it is a mix, respect for nature, partly campfire romance, a straight forward behaviour, not looking for a sugar Mommy, can do his own stuff, used to hard work hence muscles..... and the idea that he is physically trim and fit in certain situations:-) 

Puts his faith, family and friends before himself. Treats others with respect.

The sass, the attitude and the toughness. And a pair of wranglers.

The way they walk. it's the muscle core that gives them that sway. Even in sneakers, I can tell a horseman from a non-horseman. Women who ride also move different from those who don't. It's not bowleggedness, it's not the boots. 

Any man that can handle a strong willed horse with care and respect AND wears wranglers and has a hat...are ya kidding me??

Hats The masculinity.

The gentleman in most.  

Not afraid of hard work and getting sweaty. 

Hats and Boots and a great horse of course.  LOL

A cowboy has respect  for nature. Life of all kind.  They know when to show mercy on a struggling beast, a horse, cougar , bear, wolf. The only time they kill is for food, or protecting themselves or family.  (A real cowboy ) is the true American dream. They are farmers, gardeners, ranchers, bow shooters , artists, engineers, teachers , musicians, actors,  in a simplistic world. Cowboys follow the law of the land , sons of the great lord . They are family men and women split from their family during harsher times. They are fathers, brothers , uncles, cousins. 

Cowboys are men. Sensitive , tough, protective, emotional, 

They are the essence of a woman as a woman is essence of man, all of these things I mentioned above . They are fouled mouth, livable, laughable, 

Free spirit souls . 

Some are rough and tumble , others are vile and dispiriting , loathing . 

There is no way to romanticize .

It’s only in our vision in our head that romanticize 

A different kind integrity and work ethic 

To sum it up cowboys are a bowl of Cheerios, blueberries and peanut butter 

A big thank you to all of you that responded to my question💗

 I loved all your responses and I think we all can agree Cowboys are sexy, with or without clothing, hat, boots and wranglers. Responsible, honest, hardworking and kind.

It’s the witching hour and time for sleep. Find me on Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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