Friday, October 1, 2021

Is it really just a question of faith?

Is it really a question of faith? 

This week I'm questioning that. We are in uncertain times and as a mother of three, I'm finding it so hard to let them walk out the door to get on the school bus. This past two weeks has been especially hard as both of my high schoolers have come down with colds or is it covid? 

I know that I'm supposed to lean on my faith, trust in the doctors, and let go of the fear. My children are looking at me to reassure them and I find myself in the role of doctor. Check for fever, cough, body aches, runny nose, sneezing, congestion. The Doctor's office doesn't want to see them until they've had a covid test. While inside I'm struggling to find a place to get them a covid test, I'm hiding the fear and reassuring them.

"They've been immunized," I tell myself. "It's just a cold," I say, but I question and watch, treating the symptoms and waiting for the results. Both tested negative, thankfully, and fought through the colds in a week. With notes proving they were clear and symptoms gone and I find myself thinking what a strange world we are living in now. 

Though tempted to wrap my kids in a bubble and keep them home, they both fought me hard to go back to school. They need the socialization and were willing to accept the consequences. Proud Mom moment. Is it a question of faith? Maybe. I learned that it is also a reality that no human on the planet will live with facing some kind of challenge or test of faith. 

It has weighed heavily on my mine and of course, as an author, I used those questions in my book, "A Question of Faith?" 

Abbilene loses her husband and her dreams in the fire that destroys the flour mill. The town is crying out for answers, and the mayor promises justice. During the reading of her husband's will, Abbilene’s faith is tested when she discovers the true depths of his betrayal. She will inherit the mill and the money to rebuild if she adopts his son, left in an orphanage in San Francisco. The son no one knew existed! How can she love a child her husband fathered with another woman?

Tucker Manning, childhood friend, and Sheriff, is ordered by the Mayor to uncover the truth of the explosion that took eight lives. He doesn’t believe the rumors around town about Abbilene and Sterling, her husband’s cousin. Could the woman he grew up with have planned and plotted to get rid of her husband and inherit the mill? The past has shown him that some women aren’t to be trusted, but Abbie is different. Isn’t she?

   There are those who do not want the mill rebuilt and seek to stop Abbie at all costs. Even if that means harming a child. With Tucker at her side, they must retrieve the child and return home to finalize his adoption. 

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Julie Lence said...

We do, indeed, live in some hard and strange times. Glad you're kiddos only had a cold and are better. Hugs!