Monday, October 4, 2021

The Crow Brothers Collection

By Kristy McCaffrey

This collection brings together into one great read three short Old West romances set during Hallowtide. Each was previously published (and the content hasn’t changed), but in addition to wide availability (Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Apple Books, and Google Play) they’re now available in paperback. Read to the end for a chance to win a copy.

A little background for each story:

The Navajo medicine man works to restore balance to an individual’s spirit and is usually called upon for illnesses and other maladies. The opposite of this is a sorcerer, and there were rumors that some practitioners dabbled in corpse powder. In The Crow and The Coyote, Hannah Dobbin enlists the aid of a bounty hunter named Jack Boggs—sometimes called The Crow—to help her quest to save her pa’s soul during Hallowtide. Her foe is a Navajo sorcerer.

A Tommyknocker is a type of troll spirit who lives underground and was therefore of great concern to miners. The term originated in the British Isles, but superstitions surrounding the beings filtered into other places. Miners in Colorado took great care to appease the Knockers by leaving a bit of their lunch out for the sprites. In The Crow and The Bear, Jennie Livingstone must enter a haunted ravine near the town of Silverton, Colorado, to find her papa, and her only help is from enigmatic bounty hunter Callum Boggs, known as The Crow, but there's also a spirit named Simon keeping watch over her.

A grimoire is a book of magic. It often included instructions on how to create talismans and amulets, how to perform spells, and how to invoke supernatural entities. In many cases, the books themselves were considered imbued with magical powers, not unlike other sacred texts (such as the Bible). The term ‘grimoire’ comes from the French word ‘grammaire,’ which originally referred to books written in Latin. But by the 18th century, it had begun to be used to describe books of magic. In A Murder of Crows, Eliza McCulloch is determined to reclaim her family book of spells and her only hope is Kester Boggs, a manhunter named The Crow.

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Julie Lence said...

Beautiful cover, Kristy! What fun to have the collection in 1 volume, and in paperback. Thank you for sharing.

Kristy McCaffrey said...

Thanks, Julie!! I'm loving the cover too lol.

Renaissance Women said...

All three stories are great swoon-worthy and exciting reads. Thrilled they are all together between the cover. WooHoo! Doris

Cheryl Pierson said...

Kristy, you know how I love these stories of yours! So glad to see them all together and what a great cover, too! Congratulations!

Kristy McCaffrey said...

Thank you, Doris for the kind words! Much appreciated!!

Kristy McCaffrey said...

Thank you so much! These stories got a great start with Prairie Rose and your wonderful guidance. I'm so grateful for your support over the years. Hugs!