Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Character Interview Questions ~ Lorraine Nelson

Hello my fellow writers. I hope you have enjoyed the holidays and spent some quality time with your favorite cowboys. Or maybe you’ve met a new one or two. 😊 Have you ever done a character interview? I find they are a lot of fun. You can make your hero and heroine anything you want them to be. Think of a TV show that you enjoy watching. Do you think those performers act that way in real life? Not likely. He could be more confident and sexier on television. She might be hot and sassy. What do you think? Below are some questions to ponder when you do a character interview between your two main characters. So, how about you tell us what makes your current hero and heroine tick? Pick as many or as few questions as needed.

What is the name of your hero?

What is his profession?

What is the name of your heroine?

What is her profession?

How do your main characters meet?

What was your hero’s most embarrassing moment?

What was your heroine’s most embarrassing moment?

Finish this sentence: My hero enjoys…

Finish this sentence: My heroine enjoys…

As the author, what was the most difficult scene for you to write?

Now for some fun. J  Include answers for both H/h.

Favorite Toys:

Favorite Drinks:

Favorite Cars:

Favorite Scents:

Favorite Movies:

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Favorite lines from the book: Place title here.




These are just a few generic questions, as I haven’t read your book. Please add to or delete anything you want.


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