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If we’ve met before it may be that you’re a reader of my latest series, The Billionaires of Brightside Ranch, and, if so, I hope you enjoyed it and left me a review. I’m currently working on the follow-on series, The Johnsons of Junova, and am writing the second book in the series, Heartbeat.

However, I’m aware that you may have never heard of me or my books, so I’d like to introduce you to my FREE BOOK which you can get simply by signing up to my newsletter HERE. Don’t worry; if you find it’s not for you then you can easily unsubscribe—no hard feelings.

The Father, The Son and the Bottle of Rum is a standalone novella, telling a story of healing and forgiveness. It also has a smattering of humour, as do all my stories—reading is fun, after all! I hope you’ll give it a chance.

Here’s a little about it:

The wrong kind of spirit causes a massive headache for the Lamberts of Charity Creek

The Father

John Lambert, pastor and founding member of the church of Charity Creek is a proud man; well-respected by his parishioners. But he hides a dark secret.

The Son

Joe Lambert is a successful carpenter with his own business. When his mother asks him to come home to help mend the church roof he doesn’t hesitate. But should he?

The Bottle of Rum

Homeless and destitute, Leah Bailey seeks shelter from a storm in the church of her hometown, Charity Creek. Warmed only by a couple of blankets, some hassocks and the dregs of a bottle of rum, she curls in the corner while the storm rages on. When a tree crashes through the roof of the building she escapes injury, but not the wrath of the pastor who finds her.

Just why is the old man so bitter? And what is the underlying problem between him and Joe?

Will Leah be the catalyst that heals father and son, or will she just widen their rift?

I hope you enjoy it!


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