Sunday, January 26, 2020


Ruthie Manier @ El Taj Condo in Playa Del Carmen 2019 
...but I wish I was!

Unless, milking cows for two years in Idaho counts. Nope, I reckon to be a cowgirl I should ride horses, which I have, but sadly only a handful of times. Mostly as a child at my grandparents small farm. My uncle Jim Cheney was a bronco buster, and when I was allowed, I loved to watch him ride. When he had time he would take my siblings and I on rides on our grandmothers horse, in the corral out back of their property.

Another huge influence was TV and Drive-In Movies. Remember the Drive-In’s? Some of you might not. As children during the summer my father took my sister and me to the drive-in theater when ever a new western, or James Bond movie was showing on the big screen. I believe that's where my love for western's first began. John Wayne (aka the Duke), Clint Eastwood, James Stewart and Gregory Peck were a few of my favorites, but there were so many more I loved to watch. These actors were some of my first crushes. How about you?

Then as I grew into my early teens, I began to read my dad's collection of Louis L'amour. I found I liked reading books better because they were filled with more detail. I spent endless hours pretending I was alive back in the days when the Wild Wild West was young, riding horses, going to church every Sunday and enjoying a picnic out on the church lawn afterwards, but mostly I dreamed of a handsome Cowboy sweeping me off my feet and bestowing my first Cowboy kiss.

Now I am much older and a Grammy to seven sweeties. I still love westerns and learning about the history of the Wild West. A few years ago I visited Tombstone, Arizona with my son and his boys. I was excited to tour the historical Bird Cage Theatre and look for ghosts. The establishment is known to be occupied with paranormal activity. Ghosts from the past. Can you imagine? A story formed in my head during the tour when I looked through the large peephole where Wyatt Earp and Josephine Marcus were known to have stayed. I couldn’t wait to write it down. The book is called Tombstone Ghost Cowboy and recently became a series of three. It would be my honor if you’d check them out and let me know what you think. Here’s the link to my Amazon Author page. Happy trails to you all!

Here are the links for each book in order of the Tombstone Ghost Cowboy series:




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Julie Lence said...

Good Morning, Ruthie! We're so happy to have you as part of the Cowboy Kisses team. Thank you for sharing a little more about yourself. I grew up watching John Wayne on Sundays with my father, too. And Jimmy Stewart. Hugs!

Renaissance Women said...

Ruthie, you may not think of yourself as a cowgirl, but in spirit you definitely are. Welcome to Cowboy Kisses and I look forward to more posts from you. Here's to all the cowboys and the women who love them. Doris