Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Cowboy Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to Cowboy Kisses, my new western blog.  Last week, I added this site, along with my other one, and neither were linked.  Guess I did something wrong.  This week, I used a different email so we'll see what happens.  Today, I'm going to share another six sentences from Sarah's Journey.  This is one of my favorite books and I hope it will be yours, too.  Sarah and her half-breed hero, Wolf, share a campfire.  He has no idea that earlier, she'd discovered him on the ground, where he'd fallen after being gored by an angry buffalo, and then tried to steal his horse. Her plan didn't exactly work.  :)

Guilt washed over Sarah like pouring rain.  How could she ever admit she left him for dead?  And stole his horse, to boot?  She'd been a fool for even mentioning trying to mount one.  Surely, now that they prepared to travel, the question was going to arise again--where was her horse?  She took a deep breath and smiled nervously across the campfire at him.

Sarah's Journey is available at Eternal Press and on Amazon, and a myraid of other places you might Google.  Now head back to Six Sentence Sunday and follow some more links.


Gem Sivad said...

Hi Ginger. You're not live for me today either. I followed you back from my site. Are you putting your blog addy in the sign up spot? i.e-->

Gem Sivad said...

Sarah's got some explaining to do if she left him on foot in rough country. Nice six.

Unknown said...

I made the mistake, two weeks in a row now, of posting links for two different sites. This week, I tried using separate emails, but I guess it's not allowed, even though I couldn't find anything about it in the rule pages I read. :( Guess I'll make up my mind and pick one or the other, but thanks so much for the visit.