Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Makes Cowboys So Sexy?

Now I ask you...take a gander at the picture to your left and tell me whether or not you suspect this person has B.O.  If that's the first thing that comes to your mind, you might be a man.  *lol*

While having a short discussion with a male western author, I started to question why so many of woman (me included) have a fascination for cowboys.  According to the person with whom I conversed, and I quote, "The idea of cowboy kisses strikes me as a little dubious.  Cowboys reeked of sweat, smoke, cow manure and chewed tobacco.  You'd have to hold your nose to get close enough for a kiss. Ha."

I quickly pointed out, "Therein lies the difference in male and female western authors. Women look at the 'fictional' romance aspect.  Our heros may smell of musk, leather, and tobacco, but it's a heady, sexual aroma. lol  Trust me...our heroes will never stink."

I further added that when I picture a cowboy, I see Sam Elliott in the Sacketts.  Wooeeee...I'd kiss him if he had a cow turd hanging on his hat.  rofl.

Thanks to yummy cover models who stimulate our senses rather than our sensibility, women can view our fictional heroes in the way the author intended them.  I'm pretty sure everyone who lived in the 1800s smelled less like a rose and more like a full days work.  Bathing, hair washing, and shaving were weekly habits, if that.

We're spoiled.  We have access to water on a daily basis where those traveling on wagon trains, working on ranches, and riding miles and miles in the hot sun via horseback didn't always have the luxury we've grown used to. No air conditioned houses and cars back then.  Sadly, there are still some countries in this modern day and age that treat their water as sacred because of droughts in their homelands.  Smelling good isn't a life guarantee, but believe it not, some people find natural body odor sexy. But for those who don't... here's a hint...if you're walking in the grocery store, pass the fish market, and your spouse eyes you with suspicion.  Take a bath.  *lol*

BTW, I "borrowed" the picture from Madeline Baker's site. After reading all of her historical westerns, I came away inspired to write my own.  She's been instrumental in helping me realize a dream and I was honored a few years back when she contacted me and asked if I would like to exchange links.  Wow...  Anyhow, she's seeking the identity of the model because she'd love to have him on a cover of one of her books.  Anyone know who this hunky guy is?  If you haven't read any of Mandy's books, you need to.

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Somehow, Ginger, I've never found cowboys all that sexy. I like the guy up at the top (though he's WAY too young for me!) but he doesn't look much like a real cowboy. A real cowboy, for one thing, would keep his shirt buttoned to avoid sunburn. And a real cowboy wouldn't have waxed his chest!

Fortunately for you, lots of romance readers disagree with me!

Jacqueline said...

Yep Sam Elliott does it for me too, Ginger. Wishing you much success with your writing.