Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Cowboy Slang & Humor

From the Atlantic to the Pacific and from North to South, folks are firing up the backyard grill and spreading checkered cloths over tables in preparation of celebrating the 4th of July. Potato salad, hot dogs and watermelon are in demand. Children are splashing in pools or running through sprinklers eagerly awaiting tonight’s fireworks. To add to the celebration across our great country, I present you with more Cowboy slang and humor. Happy 4th of July!!


Bar dog: a bartender
Belly cheater: a cook
Camping on his trail: following someone too closely
Choke strap: derisive name for a necktie
Didn’t have a tail feather left: a person cleaned out at the gambling tables or a person who is completely broke
Dump: slang name for a bunkhouse
Flea bitten: a white horse covered in small, brown freckles
Gallin’: courting a girl
Haywire outfit: an inefficient outfit or ranch
Landed fork end up: thrown from a horse head first
Lead chucker: slang for gun
More lip than a muley cow: a person who talks too much
On the dodge: hiding from the law
Paul Pry: a meddler
Prairie wool: grass
Ride like a deputy sheriff: to ride recklessly
Roll your bed: command meaning you’re fired
Sacking: a saddle blanket
Shoots his back: when a horse bucks
Tear squeezer: a sad story



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