Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Researching the past

A few years back, I wanted to understand the celebration of Cinco De Mayo. So, I started doing a bit of research. Mexican Independence Day, got that. Troops loyal to Juarez went to the mountains to fight against the French take over of Mexico. Noted.  As I read on... something of interest caught my eye.

How many of you know of a plot called the Grand Scheme of the Americas?

It sounds innocent, right... Ah but it is not. Napoleon III wanted land. Land that might bring him riches. Where had Spain found riches? Where had England produced a great nation? In the Americas.
So, from January of 1862 to March of 1867, Napoleon unleashed his Grand Scheme.

It is important to note that the Monroe Doctrine was not used to block the intervention of France in the New World because American was blundering into its own Civil War that would pit brother against brother. Free to manipulate, Napoleon planned a three prong assault. In Phase one: He would recognize the Confederacy and sign an agreement to provide military aid. France did provide the last ironclad called the Stonewall.

Second phase: He would reintroduce the idea of royalty to Mexico.  Under the disguise of unpaid debts, Napoleon introduced a prince of the Hapsburg Royal House as the King of Mexico. Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph, Prince Imperial, Archduke of Austria and Prince Royal of Hungary and Bohemia, the second son of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria and brother to the Emperor Franz Josef of Austria would now be set up as Maximilian I of Mexico. An expeditionary force was sent to Vera Cruz in December of 1861. Juarez of Mexico paid most of the debts owed off. Most countries forgave the rest, but not France. They fought on to Mexico City setting up Maximilian with the hopes of increasing trade between Mexico and France.

Third phase: With the consent of the Confederate States (which of course they were hoping to win the war) set up a large buffer state that would run across the Rio Grande to Baja California.

Of course, the insurrection in the United States failed and Juarez troops over threw those of Maximilian I which ended in his execution.

It is an interesting read. The revenge for loss of Texas by taking the land and making it part of Mexico again. Regaining land from Arizona, New Mexico, California that was lost to the Gadsden Purchase of 1854. So the writer in me began to dream. What if... What if.... a child had followed his father as part of Maximilian's forces. What if, he had watched his father killed by a firing squad? What if, he had be left to languish on his own in a nation that clearly hated his father's choice. He would have had to make his way doing the lowest of jobs, despising everyone and everything. Thus the creation of a delicious villain.

Who would save Texas from this madman??? Enter the Texas Rangers.

Next month, my publisher will begin releasing my four book series based on the Grand Scheme of the Americas. The Bluebonnet Brides will have land schemes, cattle raids, stampedes, stolen rifles, kidnapping and of course, romance. Look for Texas Strong and Texas Born coming in the middle of July.

I hope you enjoyed the little tidbit behind the scenes of my next series. Next time, Happy Trails.


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Julie Lence said...

Congratulations on your upcoming releases, Nan. And what a fascinating piece of history. Sounds like it could be a nighttime soap opera, ala Dallas style. Hugs!