Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Hometowns & A New Series

by Shanna Hatfield

My latest project, a new series set in a small-town in the eastern Oregon desert, has been such fun for me.

Summer Creek (the town) is full of quirky characters, falling-down old buildings, and places that everyone tends to gather in a tiny community(like the grocery store). There's a meandering goat named Ethel. The mayor also owns the barbershop (open two days a week) and a locksmith business. The junk store owner's wife has bright purple hair and has been known to push their behemoth dog around town in a wheelbarrow.

So creating all this lovable craziness for my series has made me think about small-towns and the things I love about them. The residents are usually friendly and helpful. There's generally a powerful sense of community. And it's hard to get lost in a small town (unless my dad is the one giving directions, then it's totally possible!).

What about you? What do you like about small towns (reading about them, visiting, or living in them)?

Summer Creek has become such a neat place (at least in my imagination) I think I'd love to spend the summer there!

Here's a little about the first book in the series. It releases next week!

She’s fresh out of jail . . .
   He’s fresh out of luck.

 Spoiled heiress Emery Brighton indulges in one mimosa too many, attempts to steal a horse, and winds up in jail. A sentence of community service leaves her at the mercy of strangers on a remote ranch near a small town in Oregon. Adjusting to country life is hard enough, but she has no idea how to handle her growing affection for a surly cowboy and his adorable daughter.

 Steady and dependable as the day is long, rancher Hudson Cole just wants to raise his little girl and be left alone. When his grandmother invites a lawbreaker dressed in Louis Vuitton to Summer Creek Ranch, Hud is convinced Grammy has lost her ever-loving mind. Determined to detest Emery, he instead finds himself doing the one thing he vowed would never happen again: falling in love.

With one foot out the door, will love be enough to convince Emery to stay?

"When I feel the need for inspiration and comfort I reach for a book by Shanna Hatfield."
Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

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Julie Lence said...

Hi Shanna: I love the feel of small towns; so cozy and close-knit. They're just like home. Congrats on the new series!

Shanna Hatfield said...

Thank you so much, Julie! I love them, too!