Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Simple 1800's Fashion ~ Julie Lence


Blogging is often fun. In researching a subject, I learn something new, or, as in the case from last year’s blog regarding Bill Tibbetts, I find someone’s life story fascinating and am excited to share with you. But sometimes, I like to step away from research and do something different. Today’s blog is more of a visual than paragraphs of text, and helps me as much as it entertains you. In crafting characters, not only do I need to know their facial features and hair color, I also want to know what they’re wearing, especially the women. Most of my girls dress simply in plain skirts and shirts for ranch work or the day-to-day chores that come with running a business. Below are outfits I chose for each of my heroines. I hope you like them as much as I do.


Paige Morgan (Luck of the Draw) I see her in something as simple as this skirt and shirt while she's cleaning the ranch house and cooking three meals a day. 

Missy Morgan (Lady Luck) For running a gaming house, Missy needs something daring to catch a man's eye and make him part with his money.  

Racine Weston (No Luck At All) Born into a wealthy family, Racine is now married to a rancher and spends her days the same as Paige, cooking and cleaning). She needs something simple yer elegance. 

Rachael Weston (bring Me Luck) Born into a family of ranchers, Rachael knows the best way to tackle a hard day's work is by wearing something comfortable.    

Suzanna Reynolds (Zanna's Outlaw) A former soiled dove now running a boarding house, Suzanna is another women who needs something comfortable yet a bit stylish to get her through a day of chores. 

Lydia Tyler (Lydia's Gunslinger) is my only heroine who doesn't cook and clean. In fact, it's better she stays out of the kitchen, and coming from a wealthy family, she enjoys her stylish clothes.     

Debra Moore (Debra's Bandit) is a former female outlaw managing the mercantile. Waiting on customers by day and cooking at night, she needs simply with a bit of pizazz.   

Jill Prescott (Slade) grew up on the farm she now runs. From patching roofs to cleaning out the chicken coop, Jill needs something
practical that doesn't tangle around her ankles.  

Nadine Harper (Landry) Raised on a Pennsylvania and now traveling by wagon with her father, Nadine is another female who needs something practical and sturdy to get her through the day.   

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