Tuesday, December 28, 2021

It's that time of year....


I know, it’s hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone. Looking forward to the end of this week, we have a chance to begin again. Saturday, we will celebrate the beginning of a new year – 2022. It seems so odd to me having lived through each New Year since 1956.

In my day, ( snort I guess at 65 I can say this now) my parents watched Guy Lombardo on the twelve inch black and white box in the living room. They would have snacks and talk about the years events. I never made it past nine o’clock in those early years. But, I do remember the mystic about staying up to ‘ring in’ the new year.

As the years progressed, I stayed up with my mother to watch the ball drop. After marriage, we went either to my sister-in-law’s house or she came to ours. We’d watch Dick Clark and wonder how he didn’t age, then kiss our spouses at the clock chimed and wished each other a prosperous and happy New Year.

This year, most of our families have passed away. Our children are scattered, and it made me think about those early pioneering families. They weren’t as lucky as we are today. There were no late night phone calls or even video chats. Letters and telegrams could take up to a month to reach their destination. The thought of hitching up a horse, riding into town to visit others was probably out of the question unless you lived in the town limits. So how did people celebrate???

Churches were the center of activity for our pioneer ancestors. They would often hold “night watches”. Where the young folks would get together and to usher the New Year in with a prayer. Even back then, they made resolutions – the young men were often made to give up drink. I’m sure that lasted about as long as giving up sweets do today. At midnight the bells would ring to let the community know the New Year has arrived.

The idea of celebrating the new year comes from Roman mythology. Janus ( notice the hint to January ) was said to have two faces – one looking back, the other looking forward. Which gives us the reason for recapping the year and making promises to do better as the calendar changes.

So, what are your hopes in the New Year???

Mine is to be more organized. I’m trying a new planner in the hopes of not forgetting blogs, book releases, and when to purchase hay or feed before it runs out and I make the mad scramble.

As I look back, I want to thank the enthusiastic readers I have met through Cowboy Kisses. I owe a lot to each and everyone of you as well as to Julie Lence, who organizes this great community.

My wish for each and every one of you is, to do what makes you happy. Find your passion and let it carry you through those tough times when you feel like all you do is stumble.





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Julie Lence said...

Happy New Year, Nan! Currently, my son makes hubby and me stay up until midnight, and if it's a clear night, we watch the fireworks on top of Pikes Peak, but I remember New Year's Eve of old, celebrated at my grandparents in NYC. I never did make it until midnight to watch the ball drop, lol. Hugs to you and have a joyous celebration.